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The Dancing crew

Interesting concept of the Cebu Pacific Airlines.

Since they started in operation, they have had lots of gimmicks for their passengers. Let’s admit it, the surest advertising and marketing strategy is by word of mouth.

They always had “the bring me” game. It makes the flight less boring and somewhat faster. As prices, they give away caps, shopping bags, toy planes, umbrellas, sun visors, and coffee mugs.

This time, they topped so far their attention catching gimmicks. Dancing crews demonstrating the safety protocol. Don’t know about you guys, but honestly, each time I sit board the plane, first thing i do is get something to read. After I have settled myself, I then start reading until I fall asleep. This means from preparation all the way to take off, I never pay much attention to the safety protocol anymore. Oh, I do scan the safety instructions in front of me anyway, just to make sure there is nothing new that I have to be aware of. Otherwise, I think it is basically the same, hence the disinterest.

I really thought that this is NOT the actual safety protocol demo of the flight. I noticed that the dancing crew only came out while the flight is already on cruising range. I don’t think any flight is to leave the ground without performing the safety demo or showing it on video as most airlines do. If the airline do not comply to this, they would have problems with the Aviation authority, or am I wrong in this line of thinking? But perhaps I am misleaded? Here you can watch the Cebu Pacific Airline Female dancing crew.

Anyway, I think the main purpose of the airline is to attract more passengers to take Cebu Pacific flights. Well, why not. They have really affordable flights. The cheapest I think in the country. They also happen to have a very friendly crew. Definitely good quality service is one of the assets of the airlines. On direct contact, I at least had only positive experience with them. There is a big problem that they need to work on though. When I made my online booking from outside the country, I couldn’t use my International credit card. For some reason, they said it had something to do the regulations of my bank. But I never experienced this problem anywhere else in the world. Anyway, I had to call the hot-line number and had the unfortunate experience of talking to their agent where in the end, the problem escalated. I ended up waiting till I got to Manila and made a completely new booking. It turned out for the better though, since I got a much, much cheaper deal. But I stay the same in saying that Cebu Pacific needs to fix the problem of the inconvenience that the call center agents are giving to the clients. Or fix the online payment problem perhaps?

All the same, I do commend them for their new idea of in-flight entertainment (if indeed it
is only in-flight entertainment and not the actual flight safety demonstration) for the passengers right now. The latest and newest gimmick in the airline industry.

Otherwise, if this IS the safety demo that they have now, I wonder what the Aviation Authority said about the matter? Here is the link to the Cebu Pacific Airline Male dancing crew.

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emoze and remote posting with wp

I finally managed to make it working. It was a little bit complicated, but with hubby’s help, it finally worked. Now, im just testing the entry post per mail option of WP. It’s working great so far.

Can also retrieve my mails remotely using emoze push mail which i downloaded from the nokia ovi site. Everyday. Im finding out something new that i can do with my phone. I’m having fun and enjoying the features. Really can’t complain. Sent by emoze push mail. Photo is by the way

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