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Liwayway series

Okay, I must admit that since I moved to Europe, I became an avid fan of Tagalog films and television soap opera series. See, when I was still living in the Philippines, to read Tagalog comics, watch Tagalog films and listen to Tagalog drama over the radio was like baduy to me, my siblings and friends…or at least I was under the impression that my so-called friends also did not patronize same.

Reason? When I was younger, my sibs and I, we were forbidden to watch them soap operas or listen to tagalog drama programs. More so, we were not allowed to read comics. Somehow, my aunts and uncles who were most of the time around and stood as our tutors and mentors thought that the contents of such Tagalog comics were just trash. At least most of them anyway. We were told to read instead English books which happened to be plenty at home at that time. Also, as reference, they always shoved to us the Encyclopedia collection of our Grandma. As a result, we never had difficulties with our English subject. We were also good in Science and History. But, we also turned out getting poor grades in our Pilipino subject. I for one, admittedly really had poor grades in Pilipino. I can still remember, my high school teacher told me I should start reading komiks to improve my Tagalog.

So, one day, thinking that I should heed the advice of my teacher, I went and bought a Tagalog Magazine. When I got to the Newstand/Newspaper stall, I saw several magazines and thought, okay… I have no idea which is good so I just grabbed one. Little did I know the what the contents of the magazine that I picked up. I chose Liwayway, since the title sounded friendly. I later found out that the Liwayway magazine with its rich in fantasy and adventure komiks page is actually an icon in the Philippine Publishing genre.

Seriels like, Kaptayn Barbel, Islaw Palitaw, Agua Bendita, Darna at ang Babaeng Tuod, Pedro Penduko and Anak ni Dyesebel to name some are specials that has been made into films time and time again. A lot of Actors and Actresses are priviledged to get the lead roles for these stories.

So anyway, I didn’t read these comic series before, but I have to admit, “baduy” (bad taste) it may be to others, that I do enjoy watching these now either as a film or television series. Am I a jolog because I like them? Or you may call me “baduy” because I enjoy watching them? Call it stupid sentimentality or shallow patriotism, I don’t really care.

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Back in the saddle again…

Yes, I work again at Frankfurt International airport. I actually started 1st of December. Until now I am still on training and already I am getting bored at it. I have always thought that an 8 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. job, from Monday to Friday is a dream. It is not! Or at least not for me. I am so waiting for my regular shifting schedule where sometimes I get to start at 05:30 till 14:00  or if I am lucky, I get to start at 13:300 till 22:00 pm. I am also looking forward to work just four consecutive days a week instead of five. Of course, working in shifts has its cons as well. But, I am so used to it already, that the con part is actually not so negative for me anymore.

I am really glad that I have something to do again now. I heard on the news just the other day that the unemployment rate in Germany, as of December 2010, according to Spiegel Online is at 7.2% which is around 3,016 million. It’s very scary to think that a first world country here in Europe is also under recession. But, I guess this is not only a case of one country. Worlwide recession is known to all of us.

That’s why, I am just as thankful that I have a secure job now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the job long enough until I am eligible to claim for pension, hehehe.

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