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Welcome back sa LP from a two week rest. O ready na ulit sa pani-niyut?

Ang Kalye: sementado man o mabato. Makitid. Mabuhangin. Maputik. Malawak.

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Akala ko meaning the band, pero tungkol sa piktyurs ito…kaya Freestyle na lang sana sa swimming, kaso di naman ako marunong lumangoy, kaya, kahit anong litrato nalang ang ipo post ko…hehehe.

Obvious ba? Mukhang nagiging favorite subject ko siya… ang Ulap. Kuha ito sa Italy, nung nilibot namin ng asawa ko ang Kastel Sardo sa Sardinia, Italy. May mga kasunod pa itong formation ng ulap na kinunan ko, pero baka maging boring para sa iba, kaya, sinamahan ko nalang ng litrato sa paligid na Old Castle. (Sorry po hindi White Castle Whiskey picture with me riding on a white horse. Siguro, pag kasing seksi na ako ni Roxanne Guinoo, hehehe).

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Re-setting Nokia E61

What is the normal life span of a cellular phone? I ask this because, just yesterday, something strange happened to my old Nokia E61. As I was organizing and cleaning out my contacts, the phone just suddenly died. It made one last long blink and suddenly was off. I thought perhaps the battery was down or something. I plugged the phone directly to charge it again but it was not reacting at all. So I changed the battery to my stand by battery that I ordered a few months back. I tried to turn it on, but it wouldn’t budge anymore. I searched online on how to reset the phone. It didn’t matter that I would loose all my data in it, I have a back up anyway in my computer. I tried what was suggested online. To press buttons 3 + * + green button + power button at the same time until the Nokia sign would show up.

It didn’t work. It was really frustrating that I couldn’t get it working again. I also searched online for a licensed Nokia Shop in the area where I live or any Licensed Nokia repair center somewhere in Frankfurt am Main area and of course in Wetterau area, but I didn’t find any. There are one or two shops with phone number listings but when I tried to call them, the number does not exist anymore. Either that or the shops has closed down already. I also called the Nokia hhotline number to ask for assistance, at least maybe they could tell me where I can get the phone repaired, but the call center agent could only give me the numbers that I already tried to call earlier, which does not exist. Darn!

Okay, maybe I should just give up and just start thinking of getting a new one. But the phone was really good. I used it to it’s full capacity. It was really very helpful to me. I couldn’t even imagine my life without it anymore. That’s why I can’t imagine getting a new one. But maybe I should just do it. Resign to the fact that even this material thing also has an expiration date. I mean, if people expire, why not gadgets or material things?

So, I left the phone lying on my desk for a while and started searching the net for a new phone. If not the same, probably a better one. After sometime, I ended being partial to an Android phone. As I was musing, and surfing my hand wondered to where my Nokia E61 was. I looked at it again and tried to reset it again. Left it on a while longer and suddenly… it came back to life.

Now, I am busy with the task of installing some applications that would be useful to me. I may have to leave some out, so as not to overload it with apps like before. I have to be very gentle with it now. I feel like handling a newly operated person. Not too much movements. All no-no’s has to be watched out for.

Finally, it is almost complete. Now, about the Android thing… I think it can still wait for a bit.

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