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I like the new look

I like the new look of my blog. Simple and neat. Boring? yeah, perhaps to some.. but for me it’s a new look. Fresh and clean so to say. Hopefully, I can blog as often again as I used to before. Well, after some years, the zest to do it has paned, but I still do it. It’s an outlet for me…somehow, like a theraphy. I can write anything I want… if it’s just crap or informative… or just plain vanity it does not really matter to me.

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LP Challenge: Mahirap… ang mag maintain

I hardly write or post something here anymore. Mahirap kasi, between work and social engagements, I hardly have time to sit and think of something to write or post here. Hahaha, as if napakarami kong invites anoh? I meant, mas nahihilig ako ngayon makipag meet-up kesa mag vegetate in front of the comp. Kaya, ayun, kahit walang nag iimbita sa a kin, iniimbita ko sarili ko, hehehe. But these last few weeks have been hectic again, dahil nagkaroon ako ng mga bisita aside from my short trips to see my family in Brussels. In my previous post i posted a shot of my eldest and youngest niece together. This time, I’m posting a photo of my college classmate, her family and friends. (I hope okay lang sa kanila…)

I enjoyed so much having you guys here. The kids were great. I do hope to see you again perhaps in the Philippines when I come back for a visit?

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Duds and Lulé

Next to clouds my next favorite photo subjects are the kids of my siblings. No need to rub it in that I don’t have kids of my own. Well, others prefer to pour their affection on their pets, I prefer to focus on my Nieces and Nephew.

I became an auntie since 1997… I think. If I am not mistaken, Duday is my eldest Niece. Then came Trish, Matthew and now very recently Lulé… Come July there will be the another addition to the family from Tex and Gina, another nephew for me. On top of that, I also have some Nieces and Nephews from my cousins. I lost count already how many there are now. I love these kids. Their sweet, loving, gifted and very, very smart. Well, what else can I say? I am their aunt.

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