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Philippines as featured in BBC and the Dancing Traffic enforcer

The Philippines is a beautiful country…with its own natural bounty to boast – white sand beaches, green lushful mountains to trek and wonder, heavily mixed culture we gathered from being colonized by several other cultures.

In a nutshell, the Filipinos are smart, diligent and hardworking people with a big heart. The Filipinos are always ready to help, to entertain and in times of calamities and deep tragedy – the Filipinos don’t wallow in self pity… we strive to move on!

The Dancing Traffic Enforcer – is a legend. The very first time i saw one of them was either in LAWTON area or somewhere along ESPA√ĎA, some 20 years back or more…(shows i’m almost geriatric already… hahaha). Back then they used to wear brown uniforms, hence they were actually called “Dancing Chocolate Policeman” or “Dancing Brown Boys”.

Some also say that the very first time they came out was right at the intersection of Roxas Boulevard going to Manila where the known MANILA HOTEL is situated.

In any case, to dance for hours under the blazing heat of the sun, inhale the pollution from the exhaust of the vehicles everyday and face the danger of being in the midst of the very infamous manila traffic with a smile to top… that’s sooo twee thumbs up!

So next time you see one of them show your respect and appreciation to their work.

SALUTE to you Sirs!

Many thanks BBC for sharing this to the whole world!!!

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