Monthly Archives: February 2020

Confessions against strong winds by the river

Looking at you with all the strange emotions i’m feeling. Listening to a very impossible explanation or excuse.

“Loving all out- no holding back. Just looking, wanting and waiting…are these even possible?
All because, I said I want to fly with you…”

Then you say:

“The emotions that you say are too much for you”…
The feelings that you have not felt a long time, suddenly rising again inside.
“I’m sorry… I need them desperately. I can’t do without them. I will greedily grab and hold on them for they are gifts from an unknown power.”

That strong and mysterious power of someone experiencing near death. That very same deep and true emotions emanated by the dying. It brings two completely different souls together. Like a gift to the loved ones who will be left behind.
I don’t know how to go against it. I don’t even want to let go of it.

Can there be such a relationship? Can it really still exist?

But you know, not saying it, not talking about it and just simply letting it be— makes it more lasting and memorable.
More sacred and pure!

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