A lame excuse for shopping

A guest came up to the counter one day with a very upset face.

I could tell, by his reply to my greetings that; from the queuing up at check in, to slugging his luggage to the customs counter and then finally ending up at my counter to claim his VAT back, he was already thinking he won’t do it again next time.Not to mention – getting embarrassed because at the customs counter, he had to open his luggage where the purchased items where mixed with his worn clothing and other private stuff.

To my greeting, he replied with:

“Hmmmp! Why do women love to shop? Why do they shop too much?”

My immediate reply caught his attention:

“Speaking for myself, I believe that shopping is some kind of “Therapy”. “Retail theraphy” makes women happy, their loved ones, in this case, you the husband, even happier—with a *wink*!  And the good news is: You get to claim the VAT back.”

Sir, do you know what HHWW means?

He replied: “No. What’s that?”

It means: Holding Hands while Walking. So if someone says to you, i saw them at the park or at the mall doing HHWW… *wink* that’s what it means. Nothing bad, just sweetness!

Now, how about SSHW?

“Ahmm.. I guess i have no clue”, was his reply.

Shopping, makes us Super Happy makes us Work again eagerly.

The wife goes Shopping…(S)

After shopping, she is happy… consecutively you are also happy.

So now the both of you are “Super Happy”…. (SH)

YOU are a businessman? You came here for business and pleasure combined?

He relied again: “Yes, yes, that’s correct”

OK. So, to complete the anagram and the cycle, you as businessman must make this experience again to your advantage… The only Work (W) left to be done is to get back some money from the shopping done by the wifey! – hehehe.”

To make a long story short, my guest who was on the verge of exploding, left the counter with a jolly goodbye and a smile on his face.

I am positive, the next time he would visit another country, he would inquire again on how to go about claiming the VAT back on his expenditures. With or without the a female companion tagging along.

Reflecting on his statement: “Why women love to shop” – for me it really is some sort of therapy. It doesn’t necessarily have top be shopping per se. It could also be, just window shopping. Kind of a “go-see” what’s new, what’s in, what is trending and how much it may cost. Of course, to be able to try them on and see if what looks good on others, would also look good on me, is a bonus.

People can also browse and shop online, I know… but to try it on immediately and not having to wait  several days later… that is something one can only do by going to the shop/malls personally.

I mean -Shopping a my therapy. If I am feeling down today, I want to cure myself today.. not halfway today and again a few days later. I would rather prefer to do lift my spirits up today! You get me?! *wink*

Shopping gives me motivation and courage.

When I shop, it gives me a push in the positive direction. It gives me the energy to face struggles when I am at a crossroad. It even helps me come up with new ideas.

Shopping makes me happy

It reminds me of the people I love, my family, my friends because when I shop, I don’t only think of buying for myself, but also for my love ones.

Shopping makes me feel sexy.

Hormones go wild when I enter my favorite store and finding new articles that are IN at the moment. Shopping for me is also some kind stimulant. A drug or some kind of foreplay-if you may want to call it at that.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not addicted to shopping. I DO shop till I drop sometimes – or till my CC can’t handle it anymore… whichever comes first! But I don’t splurge… NOT ALWAYS!

How about you? What’s your excuse for shopping?

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