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Great speech of Chancellor Merkel regarding Covid-19

Clip from Daniel Hausmann

Just have to share this really impressive speech of Frau Merkel and the aerial photos of Frankfurt am Main taken by Daniel Haussmann during the Covid-19 times! I have never seen Frankfurt area this quiet. The hub of the industrial part of Germany… seems like a ghost town.

Infections has risen to 99,225 cases.. and death count is already at 1,607… Isn’t thus

Let us each contribute in any way we can to help stop the death toll from rising. Help keep our loved ones, friends and colleagues healthy.

Stay at home everyone!

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… am i sitting in front of my PC vegetating today? ON a WORK day?
—The doctor said i should relax. Not think of anything. Not do any heavy lifting. No stressing myself out. Just R E L A X!!!

Why am I at home?

… instead of working my ar*** out at the Airport?
— because I have been sick for a while. Okay, it started with a normal flu. The first two days, i thought, “hmmm, I’ve had this before. I just didn’t mind it and continued going to work. It went away after a while. So, this time, i thought okay, It’s just a Flu. I can still go to work. No worries.”
But then, I started making mistakes at work for lack of concentration. (Yeah, I know what your thinking: “blame it on the illness!!!”)When one works with documents involving money, one needs full concentration and focus. But when one is sick, full concentration and focus cannot be achieved, hence the risk of making mistakes ending in discrepancies, be it large or small amounts is very high!

Why only now?

… did I decide only now to update this blog?
— I called in sick since Friday, Feb 20, 2015. I was literally just lying in bed or on the sofa(depended on the time of day or night) the whole time. I got served hand and foot by hubby. I only got up to go to the loo. I had foot spa, hot bath and then was just lying back in bed right after this sessions.
10984996_10204494958708815_3796859085299608657_nI did steam with camomile and then the next day with eucalyptus…
In short I tried all sorts of home remedies to get better ASAP. The fever went, the coughing stopped, the clogged nose got better. Well, I could already breath again without difficulties.
What stayed was the headache. It was so strong that by Monday, even the slightest movement was already insufferable. Add to the pain, the feeling of going to vomit was there all the time. And the stomach pain was so bad, every time i ate something in order to be able to take medication, i also had to endure the stomach pains. I did not go anywhere Monday. I couldn’t! I didn’t even dare to go back to the doctor.

Why only Tuesday?
… I went back Tuesday to the doctor. I had to because the following day I am suppose to go to back to work already, but I was not fit yet.
— Good thing I did go back to my doctor. Yesterday, Tuesday, the 24th of February-I was out of the house before noontime and came back home only early evening.
I was at the doctor. I got checked for all possible sickness as to the cause of the headache and stomach pains and vomiting feeling. It was around 2pm I was diagnosed of having HBP. I had 180/110.  The doctor’s and my eyes were like literally bulging in surprise. About two or three hours later it went down to 160/99.  He finally decided I was definitely staying home for the next week at least. Gave me medicine and prescribed something that I should take twice a day: one in the morning and again in the evening. On top, I had to measure my BP also twice a day: Morning and at night.

Why this kind?
… My parents have been diagnosed of HBP. Both are taking medications to maintain BP levels to normal.
— I guess it goes without saying that I may have inherited the sickness as well.

Why I really should not take it for granted?
… Because of statistics.
— stats may just be numbers to some. But base on these numbers and figures, the risk is too high that a vein or blood vessel may just pop out of the blue. And then? NO. I don’t even want to go into that. I refuse to even think it could end up like that.


Don’t get me wrong. It’s not only because of the genes that’s why I have the sickness. Other factors like Stress, anxiety, personal problems/dilemma can be the causes of HBP. As well as smoking, alcohol intake, wrong diet.

I do have stress at work. But this is no reason for me to just call in sick.  I don’t’ want be unfair to my other colleagues. I do know for a fact that If don’t come to work, they would have to share the bulk of covering for my shifts. There is a way to still be happy with work even after all the office politics and stress.

I am sorry!

Sorry that I can’t come to work. Sorry that I have this sickness.

Taking into consideration that both parents have it, I knew that there is a big chance that I have it also.

I just didn’t expect for it to show up now. I still think I am too young to have this… hey, i’m just thirty-ish— for X’s sake!..(hahaha)

I guess i can only blame this at the moment on bad Genes— *wink*

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Late Hallows eve look

I actually went there to have a tooth removed. Actually two had to be removed. But the dentist insisted we only remove one and the other one we try to save. Meaning putulin niya yung sira na part at he will do RC the dulo. Ayan…this is how i look like after 3 days. Look at me now, the gürl you once loved…look at me nowwww!

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Skin whitening options

Glutha, Metha at ngayon naman BB cream from Korea. Kaloka! I can’t seem to keep up with all these whitening products. Kaliwa’t-kanan ang labasan ng mga adverts nila. Alin nga kaya ang effective sa kanila?

Ano ba? Totoo ba ang himala? Pag gumamit daw nito isang isang tao ay magiging “fair” ang comlexion nito? Pampaputi daw o baka naman mamumutla ka sa mahal?

Simula nung bumalik ako galing Pilipinas, sabi ng mga kakilala ko dito sa Alemanya ay pumuti daw ako. Ano daw ang ginawa ko? At kung nag gu-Gluta nga daw ba ako?

Gluta? Ahh. yung sinabi sa akin ng Tita ko na actually ay supplementary tabs/caps for the liver at iba pang internal organs… at ang side effect daw nito kapag tini take ng matagal ay nagiging fair ang complexion ng tao. Pampakinis din daw ito ng balat.

Huh??? Eh, (kakapalan ko na ang mukha ko ha), matagal na pong makinis ang balat ko! Hahaha… joke lang po. Actually, hindi ako nagte take ng caps or tabs nito. But I do use the Gluta-Milk soap na nabili ko nga sa Pinas. Nung andun kasi ako, masyado naman akong nawili magbilad sa araw, kaya nangitim na naman ang Lolé. Natakot akong tawagin na naman akong “Baluga” nung isang kaibigan namin na Aleman kaya naghanap ako ng makakatulong sa akin na sabon na hindi naman kamahalan. Hindi ko naman po afford ang Bello Essentials at lalong hindi ko afford magpa inject ng ilang beses ng Glutathione or Metathione.. or kung ano pa man yang mga “…ione” na yan.

Mukhang effective naman ang mumurahin kong sabon kasi nabati naman ako ng ibang kaibigan dito sa Alemanya na pumuti nga daw ang kyutis ko lalo na sa mukha. Minsan, tinanong ako kung ano daw ang powder na gamit ko… sabi ko wala po, kasi late na ako nagising at wala na akong time na mag polbo man lang ng mukha. Talaga bare ang mukha ko nung araw na iyon. Ayun nga, kuminis nga daw ang fés ni Lola. Kuminis nga po talaga ang fés ko… pero sa palagay ko ang kailangan ko talagang pag-ipunan ay ang pampa face lift ko. Kasi pansin ko, medyo halos naginging papaya na ata ang mga pisngi ko… o baka naman tumaba na ulit ako…in which case kailangan ko din mag ipon pampa lipo!…(hahaha!)

Vanity—is this a virtue or a sin? Either way, it could make a deep hole in my pocket.

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Vanity or Mid life crisis

Until the other day, I hadn’t realized that I am now in what they call “Midlife-crisis” state. I constantly think about my age, the upcoming round birthday. I am easily agitated if I can’t find the right clothes to wear. Hell, aside form my uniform, i don’t even know what I should wear if the need to go out of the houses arises. Should I go for mature Women’s attire which is probably more appropriate for my age or should i go for sneakers and tight sexy tops to try and gain the effect of looking younger? I have questions bugging me like:

1. If somebody would describe me passing by, would they say an older woman of about 45-50 passed by? Or would they say, a lady, say in her mid twenties to early thirties walked by?

2. Do I have wrinkles showing on my face?

3. Do I still walk with the quick hop attitude of a young person or do I slowly and cautiously walk like an elderly?

4. Do I still look sexy and fresh?

5. Or do I rather look old and tired and sickly?

6. Should I perhaps start using facial and hand creams that says “Anti-Aging” on them or stick to my good old trusted brand cream?

7. Should I start asking my Gynecologist about hormone pills?

Silly things, yes to some, but I’m sure a lot of Women go through this stage. Thank goodness, my body temperature is not making me crazy yet. This means at least that I am not yet going through menopausal stage… i think, but hhmmmmm… :straight: 🙄

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Zumba fever

I feel good. Not because summer fever is here, but because I just started a regime for my body. I heard from a colleague who used to weigh 80 kilos perhaps even more and after a year she has now a really perfect body. Firm stomach, no flagging arms at all and most of all, the legs and bottom are in a perfect shape. I was so envious that I thought I should do something good for my body too. The secret… ZUMBA fitness.

I searched about it at first online. It seems to be a fun way of shaping up, so I decided to give it a try. No harm there, I thought. And I was right.

See, early this year, I was scheduled for another “Fasting” week to detox my body and loose some weight as well in the process. Since I couldn’t go for a vacation last March, I had to re-schedule my Fasting week. The problem is, I am slowly gaining weight again. I actually already gained a kilo and a half during the last 8 months or so. I am gaining weight so fast. My next scheduled “Fasting” is sometime in October. Until then, I have to maintain my current weight despite all the barbecue parties that I am invited to.

So, I started with my steps. 12,000 steps a day was my original target. That’s like an hour on the stepper plus 30 minutes hula-hooping. I feel good but somehow, with the steps, I feel like it’s not enough. Until my colleague told me about ZUMBA fitness. She asked me if I heard about it already. I said “somehow, I know it was mentioned in passing during one of my talking marathon with some friends at a party. But, it didn’t really register much. That’s when she explained it all.

I ordered my videos and started immediately right after I got them. Amazing thing is, I am now maintaining my weight. Everyday I go on the scale and each time, my weight is constant! Great. Oh, I don’t need to loose weight. I just need to tone up my muscles and maintain my body weight. I will loose weight anyway when I go fasting again come October. For now, I am happy!

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The waiting game

Hospitals, i don’t really like them so much. Looking at the hospital buildings from the outside, I already get an eerie feeling. Most of the time, they look like boxes anyway, cold and boring. The inside of the building is worst. No matter how much they try to make the place or at least the waiting area homey and nice, it is still as square and as scary looking. The smell. They try to make it smelling like sterile but it always has the smell of “sickly and dying”. Oder?

Then, the Waiting game. You go into one and register yourself. It doesn’t matter if you only have a few hours to live or you are just there for vaccination. They tell you, to “wait just a while“. A “while” turns out to be three hours. If they tell you to be patient for “a little bit longer“, then it means another two hours of wait. And then, after the examination, the doctor or the intern will tell you to “wait” again outside and he/she will be with you “in a few minutes” – translation, within the next hour. To top it all, when the doctor finally comes to you for the result of the tests done to you, they will say, we did this and that, which you knew anyway, cause, hey, you were there… right? And then eventually, would say, what you actually thought you have – the reason why you went to them in the first place, right? Then, you get the crap answer that they need to do more tests. That the samples taken from you will have to be sent to a laboratory somewhere else. That you will be contacted for the result. Meaning again, you wait for them to call you or send you a post telling when you should make another appointment with the Doctor handling your case.

Yap, that’s what happened to me. Right after work Friday afternoon, I drove directly to my OB-GYN for a check up. The night before, I had severe pain in my stomach and could hardly get out of bed. My Gynecologist suggested I should go immediately to the hospital for more checks and scans and perhaps would have to undergo a minor operation. So, I went in late Friday afternoon for a follow up check. I arrived at the hospital around 17:00 and was accepted immediately, since my OB already called in advance and informed them that I was coming. I was given a form to fill up and then was told to wait for a short moment. After more than two hours of waiting time, the doctor finally could check my condition. Then, she scolded me for coming too late to the hospital. The nerve! But, since I am the one who needed her assistance, I didn’t dare to give her a piece of my mind. Diplomacy?!? Probably stupidity. Anyway, after my check, she told me I would have to undergo a minor operation. It didn’t have to happen immediately, but I should think about it, she added. Then told me to go back to the waiting room because she needed more time to go through the result of my scans. She also mentioned that she would be with me again very shortly. So, like a very obedient lamb, I went back to the “waiting” room.

While there, I was weighing the situation and at the same time checking my work schedule. I was trying to figure out the soonest I could go on the table without disrupting my work schedule. In the end, I decided that I would have it done the following week, on a Tuesday, where I have anyway my normal day off. The sooner the better, I thought. I had other appointments for the two days where I don’t have to go to work, but I thought I could just cancel those, since they were of minor importance to me.

Alas! When the doctor came around 21:15, she surprised me with: “You need to be here tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. sharp, with empty stomach. The operation will have to be tomorrow. It cannot wait longer since we don’t want you getting infection and more bleeding. The specimen that we now have, plus the one that will be taken tomorrow will be sent to the lab and then you will be informed through your general doctor for the results of the tests.”

“But”, i tried to reason, “it is also possible to do it next week Tuesday, right?” You said I could still think about it. I thought to myself.

“No”, she said firmly. “It has to be tomorrow. We don’t know yet what time you will go on the OP table tomorrow, but it will be sometime tomorrow. It could be morning or it can also be in the afternoon, after the other major OP’s are done.” —Well, why was I not surprised that even to go on the operating table there is also a very long waiting line? I waited for more 4 hours for this very abrupt decision, didn’t I?

So, hubby and I drove early to the hospital again the following day. When we came, they told me again to wait for a few minutes. The “few minutes” turned out to be an hour. After which, another doctor wanted to do more checks on me. I asked why? because I thought all the tests were done already last night and the decision of the doctor present was that I am supposed to be operated on today.

She reasoned that maybe, we could still avoid the operation if the situation inside my body has changed already! I got confused there for a while. First, the doctor the night before said it was necessary that we do the operation. Then here comes another doctor saying maybe I don’t need to be operated on. But she has to do more tests.

After all the trouble that I had to go through the night before. All the phone calls that I had to make for the changes in my schedule. All the adjustments that had to be arranged, now here comes another human being telling me that perhaps the operation can be avoided. So, what should I do with all the changes that I already made abruptly the night before? Call each and every agency and tell them that I do want my appointment dates back. That it was all just a mistake of one human being I had the misfortune to meet? NO! I said I didn’t want the tests anymore. We should just get on with the operation and be done with it.

Don’t you just hate it when somebody else totally foreign to you would ruin your schedule just because another person made the wrong decision in the first place?

Well, I am finally at home now. Recuperating and getting ready to go back to work again. Last word I got from the head surgeon: “We will send the specimen to the laboratory and your OB-Gyne will be informed of the results. To which, you need to make another appointment with her and talk to her about follow up check ups. if in case before the schedule appointment with your doctor, something will happen, you feel not well, want to throw up or has severe pain, please come back to the hospital immediately.”

And then what? Wait for hours again? Hmmmm…

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Hitting two birds with one stone…

Loosing weight and getting cleansed internally with the help of a Heilpraktikerin, Frau Martina Kienzle-Schott in Weimar.

HP Martina Kienzle-Schott

Neueröffnung der
Praxis für Naturheilkunde in Weimar am 01. 05. 2011

Das mögliche Therapiekonzept wird nach ausführlicher Anamnese (Gespräch) und gründlicher körperlicher Untersuchung individuell erstellt und speziell auf Sie abgestimmt. Unter anderem kommen zum Einsatz:

* Klassische Homöopathie
* Akupunktur; Ohrakupunktur nach Thews
* Ausleitungsverfahren nach Aschner
* Autogenes Training
* Bachblütentherapie
* Blutegeltherapie
* Darmsanierung
* Eigenbluttherapie
* Energiearbeit
* Fastenwandern
* Gua Sha Fa
* Irisdiagnose
* Schröpftherapie
* Spagyrik
* Tapen nach Dorn
* Wirbelsäulentherapie nach Dorn und Breuss

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