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Birthday blues…

Age is just digits!

Yeah, probably, but I slowly feel the weight of it too.

There used to be the time when, I could do almost every errands, projects without heaving a puff… no sweat at all!

But lately, I noticed that if I want to do something, a long drive, a short visit or just any project – that it is necessary for me to set time as well for breaks in between plans.

Getting ripe in experience!

On a lighter shade, please have a look at this avatar.

ADMin compaq4Somebody said this avatar looks like me…

I know I am not getting any younger.. but it’s quiet clear the nose was not given justice.

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Back in the saddle again

Well, I decided to take time off from social networking for some months, weeks, days, ehem– hours :mrgreen: .

I found out that my blog has been hibernating for several months now and yet my friendly service provider has been busy! ūüėČ

So, what’s up?

Fast approaching is the Holiday Season again– Christmas, New Year… Same Routine. Different Figures!

I’ll be working through the Christmas Holidays but I’ll be Off from the 30th of December till the 2nd of January. I did request for a couple of days vacation. From the 3rd of January till the 12th. If it can be arranged, I’ll be welcoming the 2014 with my family in Brussels, Belgium. Hopefully all will go as planned!

So, I was absent from blogging for a while… reasons?

Well, first I was busy at work. I started on something that went quiet well in the beginning but…but now I am not that sure anymore. It looks like I would have to find something better to do than just do what I have been doing for the last 8 months or so. I still don’t know what though—hehehe!

Okay… maybe I just need a much deserved break?!

I was also busy trying to maintain my optimal weight…. ahemmm… yes, I am vain – sometimes? Okay-okay! I admit.. I am really always Vain!!! So???

P1050375Before I started Fasting on a regular basis, my weight was playing around 68-70. It depends how many times I had rice in a week! Imagine a petite Filipina, 1,53 cm height and weighing 70-yish!?!

Well, suffice it to say, I had to do a complete turn around regarding my eating habit. Low carb, no sweets, more fruits and black coffee! It worked of course. I now weigh 12 kilos less than I weighed several years back. Now the next difficult part is to maintain this desired weight. Yes, it is difficult! harharhar!!! Mas mabuti pang mag review for an exam or do an essay on the complete LotR Trilogy kaysa mag maintain ng timbang… heeeeelp me!!!

IMG_0121bNow, this is what I eat:

Breakfast:   2-3 pcs. of toast or 2-3 slices of cake with a cup of black coffee or tea

Lunch:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I’m actually allowed to eat everything:¬† from rice, pasta, pizza

Dinner:        Vegetables with less carb of course- no potato, no rice no pasta, less leafy salad

But still, there are some days when I really can’t stop myself from eating carb at night as well. On times when I get invited for dinner or when I’m about to have my monthly thingy!… Then I splurge – and that’s when it get’s critical.

Luckily, after 5 years – I still manage to maintain my weight at around 50-yish or so. My dream weight is actually 54 KG. I reached it after I did my very fist “fasting regime”. Now I’m 2kg more sometimes 3kg. But who knows how I will look and weigh again after the Holidays…or when I come back from Brussels. I sure hope I won’t gain the 12 kgs back!

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Sweets for my sweets







M & M’s.


…… A makeover!

Thanks to the Shiseido lady… she made it just as how i like it… looking simple, natural but covering the blemishes and pimples “muk up”!

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Skin whitening options

Glutha, Metha at ngayon naman BB cream from Korea. Kaloka! I can’t seem to keep up with all these whitening products. Kaliwa’t-kanan ang labasan ng mga adverts nila. Alin nga kaya ang effective sa kanila?

Ano ba? Totoo ba ang himala? Pag gumamit daw nito isang isang tao ay magiging “fair” ang comlexion nito? Pampaputi daw o baka naman mamumutla ka sa mahal?

Simula nung bumalik ako galing Pilipinas, sabi ng mga kakilala ko dito sa Alemanya ay pumuti daw ako. Ano daw ang ginawa ko? At kung nag gu-Gluta nga daw ba ako?

Gluta? Ahh. yung sinabi sa akin ng Tita ko na actually ay supplementary tabs/caps for the liver at iba pang internal organs… at ang side effect daw nito kapag tini take ng matagal ay nagiging fair ang complexion ng tao. Pampakinis din daw ito ng balat.

Huh??? Eh, (kakapalan ko na ang mukha ko ha), matagal na pong makinis ang balat ko! Hahaha… joke lang po. Actually, hindi ako nagte take ng caps or tabs nito. But I do use the Gluta-Milk soap na nabili ko nga sa Pinas. Nung andun kasi ako, masyado naman akong nawili magbilad sa araw, kaya nangitim na naman ang Lol√©. Natakot akong tawagin na naman akong “Baluga” nung isang kaibigan namin na Aleman kaya naghanap ako ng makakatulong sa akin na sabon na hindi naman kamahalan. Hindi ko naman po afford ang Bello Essentials at lalong hindi ko afford magpa inject ng ilang beses ng Glutathione or Metathione.. or kung ano pa man yang mga “…ione” na yan.

Mukhang effective naman ang mumurahin kong sabon kasi nabati naman ako ng ibang kaibigan dito sa Alemanya na pumuti nga daw ang kyutis ko lalo na sa mukha. Minsan, tinanong ako kung ano daw ang powder na gamit ko… sabi ko wala po, kasi late na ako nagising at wala na akong time na mag polbo man lang ng mukha. Talaga bare ang mukha ko nung araw na iyon. Ayun nga, kuminis nga daw ang f√©s ni Lola. Kuminis nga po talaga ang f√©s ko… pero sa palagay ko ang kailangan ko talagang pag-ipunan ay ang pampa face lift ko. Kasi pansin ko, medyo halos naginging papaya na ata ang mga pisngi ko… o baka naman tumaba na ulit ako…in which case kailangan ko din mag ipon pampa lipo!…(hahaha!)

Vanity—is this a virtue or a sin? Either way, it could make a deep hole in my pocket.

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Vanity or Mid life crisis

Until the other day, I hadn’t realized that I am now in what they call “Midlife-crisis” state. I constantly think about my age, the upcoming round birthday. I am easily agitated if I can’t find the right clothes to wear. Hell, aside form my uniform, i don’t even know what I should wear if the need to go out of the houses arises. Should I go for mature Women’s attire which is probably more appropriate for my age or should i go for sneakers and tight sexy tops to try and gain the effect of looking younger? I have questions bugging me like:

1. If somebody would describe me passing by, would they say an older woman of about 45-50 passed by? Or would they say, a lady, say in her mid twenties to early thirties walked by?

2. Do I have wrinkles showing on my face?

3. Do I still walk with the quick hop attitude of a young person or do I slowly and cautiously walk like an elderly?

4. Do I still look sexy and fresh?

5. Or do I rather look old and tired and sickly?

6. Should I perhaps start using facial and hand creams that says “Anti-Aging” on them or stick to my good old trusted brand cream?

7. Should I start asking my Gynecologist about hormone pills?

Silly things, yes to some, but I’m sure a lot of Women go through this stage. Thank goodness, my body temperature is not making me crazy yet. This means at least that I am not yet going through menopausal stage… i think, but hhmmmmm… :straight: ūüôĄ

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Can I do this?

I was asked to do a dance number with some boys for the birthday party of a friend. Apparently, this dance by Ms.Marian Rivera has been quiet a hit in the Philippines.

Well, I probably can. Actually I’m confident that I can, but a lot of people keep telling me that I can’t really do it… They say it does not match my image…hehehe. Who knows, we’ll all just have to wait and see. You can all come to the party to watch me, *wink* do a Marian so sexy!

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Zumba fever

I feel good. Not because summer fever is here, but because I just started a regime for my body. I heard from a colleague who used to weigh 80 kilos perhaps even more and after a year she has now a really perfect body. Firm stomach, no flagging arms at all and most of all, the legs and bottom are in a perfect shape. I was so envious that I thought I should do something good for my body too. The secret… ZUMBA fitness.

I searched about it at first online. It seems to be a fun way of shaping up, so I decided to give it a try. No harm there, I thought. And I was right.

See, early this year, I was scheduled for another “Fasting” week to detox my body and loose some weight as well in the process. Since I couldn’t go for a vacation last March, I had to re-schedule my Fasting week. The problem is, I am slowly gaining weight again. I actually already gained a kilo and a half during the last 8 months or so. I am gaining weight so fast. My next scheduled “Fasting” is sometime in October. Until then, I have to maintain my current weight despite all the barbecue parties that I am invited to.

So, I started with my steps. 12,000 steps a day was my original target. That’s like an hour on the stepper plus 30 minutes hula-hooping. I feel good but somehow, with the steps, I feel like it’s not enough. Until my colleague told me about ZUMBA fitness. She asked me if I heard about it already. I said “somehow, I know it was mentioned in passing during one of my talking marathon with some friends at a party. But, it didn’t really register much. That’s when she explained it all.

I ordered my videos and started immediately right after I got them. Amazing thing is, I am now maintaining my weight. Everyday I go on the scale and each time, my weight is constant! Great. Oh, I don’t need to loose weight. I just need to tone up my muscles and maintain my body weight. I will loose weight anyway when I go fasting again come October. For now, I am happy!

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Hitting two birds with one stone…

Loosing weight and getting cleansed internally with the help of a Heilpraktikerin, Frau Martina Kienzle-Schott in Weimar.

HP Martina Kienzle-Schott

Neueröffnung der
Praxis f√ľr Naturheilkunde in Weimar am 01. 05. 2011

Das m√∂gliche Therapiekonzept wird nach ausf√ľhrlicher Anamnese (Gespr√§ch) und gr√ľndlicher k√∂rperlicher Untersuchung individuell erstellt und speziell auf Sie abgestimmt. Unter anderem kommen zum Einsatz:

* Klassische Homöopathie
* Akupunktur; Ohrakupunktur nach Thews
* Ausleitungsverfahren nach Aschner
* Autogenes Training
* Bachbl√ľtentherapie
* Blutegeltherapie
* Darmsanierung
* Eigenbluttherapie
* Energiearbeit
* Fastenwandern
* Gua Sha Fa
* Irisdiagnose
* Schröpftherapie
* Spagyrik
* Tapen nach Dorn
* Wirbelsäulentherapie nach Dorn und Breuss

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December is just around the corner…

(Yes, coming from the roundabout in Georges Henri, take the second exit to Rue de Heydenberg then take first street left… that’s December street, in Woluwe St.-Lambert… hehehe. )

I’ve been up and out of bed since 2 hours ago. I have so many things to do, that I thought it best to have an early start. Laundry, ironing, shopping and my vain errands like having my eyebrows threaded and getting a facial, manicure and foot spa. All these has to be accomplished today, the last day of November.

Tomorrow is already 1st of December. I think it is good to start December clean… both the home and in your own personal body. I don’t know about you, but to me the month of December is special. Not only because the birth of Christ is celebrated on this month but also because it is the last month of the year. The month where we are given the chance to let go of old habits and bad things in our life. It also signifies that a new a wonderful beginning will follow. After December comes January. The month when we all promise to start anew and hopefully do good for all mankind. The first month of the year which always brings us new hope, fresh ideas and a good jump into a new life.

So, I should stop vegetating in front of my laptop now and get on with my errands. But first, I need to turn on my loud music. It’s more fun doing household chores with music, don’t you think?
Christmas Songs- Marilyn Monroe – Santa Baby

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My Desigual…finally!

I finally bought a Desigual knitted dress. It was on sale at a shop but still, for my budget a bit expensive. It didn’t matter though. I just need to skip some meals during the next few days, (blink) … hehehe! I have been keeping an eye on a Desigual Long Jacket, waiting for it to go on sale. But after two years, it is still as expensive as when it first came out. So, for now, I have to be contented with the Desigual knitted dress that I found.

I love the knitted dress. It feels good, not itchy, it’s like a second skin for me and most of all, I feel really sexy in it…Oh yeah, I think it is worth the bucks I paid for it!

Notice the neckline? Oh yeah… I dare, hehehe! Of course I can only wear it with some kind of undershirt or body tights. Unfortunately, I am not very gifted in that part of my torso. The dress looks wide but when one puts it on, it definitely clings to the body therefore showing the real body form of the bearer.

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