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Ahhhh, November!

It’s almost over: the month, the year. The beginning of the end, so to say. The beginning of the “ber” months. “Ber” as in, “September, October, November and of course December”.

With it comes the promise of the beginning of the new season, “autumn”, the start of the holiday seasons – that ends with Christmas holidays.

But it’s not only that, November is also for me, memorable since I know not just one, but several people close to me who are celebrating their birthday on this month… the loving ones, the cuddly, the sensitive and creative. They are artistic and very much successful in whatever they aspire to do.

Pero ang laki na ng pinagbago sa mga panahon ngayon. Dati-rati, kung may birthday, handaan lang. Kumbidado lahat sa isang malaking pagsasalu-salo. May mga batang kakanta at sasayaw. Tapos okay na ang program. Kainan at inuman na agad magdamag.

Tapos na uso ang sing-along, Sa bawat handaan, hindi pwedeng walang kantahan. Minus one man o laser disc basta may micropono at speakers, okay na. Ngawa-an, inuman at kainan na– pamorningan pa. Ang nakaka aliw nowadays, kung may birthday-han, hindi na pwedeng mawalan ng Cotillon. Ang sa pagkaka alam ko kasi, ang sayaw na Cotillon ay para sa debutante lang. Lam mo na, 18 years old birthday. Introducing a young lady  into the society.  Siyempre, kumpleto lahat, aside from the 3 or 4 layered cake, the first dance with the father of the celebrant, the cotillon dance, 18 candles and 18 roses.

Pero hanep na ngayon… it doesn’t matter anymore what age they are celebrating, sa bata, 7, 8 or 10 years old… sa matatanda, din ganun din. Kadalasan naman round birthdays, 30, 40 or 50 years old. Importante, ang celebration, ang program ay parang ganun din sa debutant. Hindi na importante ang edad basta may pera, may venue at gustong mag pa bongga—go na. Nakaka aliw, kasi hindi na mga bata ang nag sasayaw sa program. Matatanda na din. Iba-ibang lahi at edad, basta sayawan… bira na agad. May modern, may hawaian at siyempre walang kamatayang cultural dance. Tinikling, pandanggo sa ilaw, at iba pa. Hindi rin nawawala ang oldies but goodies na ballroom dances: Cha-cha, Salsa, Bacchiata, Foxtrott, Rumba. Dahil dito, kasama ang lola niyong naiimbitahan sa mga handaan. Isang grupo ng  mga young at heart na ladies na may komun na kagustohan. Ang mag sayaw. Pwedeng cultural/folk dance, pwede din modern at kung gusto niyo ay sasabak din sa Boogie, Salsa, Samba at Cha-cha na naka stilletto pa. Hayaan niyo na ang wanka-ta ng mga Loley– medyo papasa pa naman diba? 🙂




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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother in different languages:
Afirkaans – Moeder, Ma
Albanian – Mënë, Mëmë
Arabic – Ahm
Belarusian – Matka
Bolognese – Mèder
Bosnian/ Bulgarian – Majka
Brazilian/Portuguese – Mãe
Chechen – Nana
Croatian – Mati, Majka
Czech – Abatyse
Danish – Mor
Dutch – Moeder, Moer
English – Mother, Mama, Mom
Finnish – Äiti
French – Mère, Maman
German – Mutter
Greek – Màna
Hawaiian – Makuahine
Hindi – Ma, Maji
Hungarian – Anya, Fu
Icelandic – Móðir
Indonesian – Induk, Ibu, Biang, Nyokap
Irish – Máthair
Italian – Madre, Mamma
Japanese – Okaasan, Haha
Judeo/Spanish – Madre
Latin – Mater
Macedonian – Majka
Marathi – Aayi
Mongolian – eh
Norwegian – Madre
Persian – Madr, Maman
Tagalog – Ina, Nanay, Inay, Mama
Polish – Matka, Mama
Portuguese – Mãe
Punjabi – Mai, Mataji, Pabbo
Romanian – Mama, Maica
Russian – Mat’
Serbian – Majka
Slovak – Mama, Matka
Spanish – Madre, Mamá, Mami
Swedish – Mamma, Mor, Morsa
Swiss/German – Mueter
Turkish – Anne, Ana, Valide
Ukrainian – Mati
Urdu – Ammee
Welsh – Mam
Yiddish – Muter
Zeneize – Moæ

Moms may be called differently in ways, but one thing is common: their LOVE for their kids/children is unconditional and their role as mother is never ending. And I do believe that being a mother is the hardest job in the whole world. So, to all Mother’s: I salute and admire you all!

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The Holy Tunic

Mixing Tagalog and English (TagLish) in one sentence is quiet common for us Filipinos. We are familiar with the words and actually can understand each other still. But mixing Tagalog and German in a conversation, well, could actually cause confusion. At least for me.

My friends called me to ask if I wanted to join them on a road trip – to see “The Heiliger Rock”. I thought, well, why not? I mean, I am a Christian, I believe in God. I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was just 14 years old. I celebrate Easter and I believe in Jesus’ resurection. I do have my own personal relationship with the Lord. Period!

But to see a holy stone? Why not? The holy stone turned out to be a Tunic. I, silly me, literally translated “Rock” for “stone”. But “Rock” in Germanic language is actually “skirt” or “tunic”. It is believed to be the “Seamless Tunic” that Jesus’ wore before He was crucified. According to tradition, St. Helena, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine, brought the Holy Tunic to Trier when it was the capital of ancient Gaul.

Read more here.

The “Holy Robe” pilgrimage began in 1512. It is again available for viewing from April 13 till May 13 this year. The “Holy Robe” Pilrimage tradition is now 500 years old. I lined up with my firends inside the Cathedral in Trier for almost 20 minutes. The line was already long at 10:30 a.m. My friend, thinking ahead, knew that if we arrived later, it would probably have taken double the time just to see the Tunic inside the Cathedral.

Afterwards, we just walked around Trier which is Germany’s oldest city.

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Angustia “Gusing” Zamora

My Lola….

… in our family, we call her “Mamang”. Our pillar. She has guided the whole family with 9 children, 30 or 32 grandchildren ( can’t recall how many attachments are still unaccounted for) and if im still updated 10 (+ 2 on the way) great-grandchildren.

She turned 89 last 12.11.2011. According to my cousin Shang, our Mamang is still in good shape. Just older, grander and happy. Sorry that I missed her birthday party this year. But I promised myself that I will be there next year for her 90th birthday.  You see, I grew up with my Lola. My mom is her fourth child. While my parents were working in Manila, my sibs and I had to stay with our Mamang in Dipolog until I was around 10 years old. Then my parents uprooted us all to Manila. Even then, we still went back to the province to be with her whenever our finances permitted it. Back then, it was only possible for us to travel by sea. It took always three days from Manila to Dipolog, but we braved it, my sibs and I … just to be with our Mamang. I still remember, my youngest sister Diday didn’t even want to go to Manila with our parents before. She only knew Mamang since she was only a baby when our parents left the province. She is still believed to be the favorite apo of our mamang… perhaps?°

Even now, whenever I come to visit, I always have to go to her first and foremost. Only after I have been to see her can I go on trotting to the resorts or other Islands in the Philippines. Our bonding routine? – Well, facial Spa and shopping, hehehe.

I may not be the favorite Apo (grandchild), but I am still thankful and  proud to have her Genes. Am also thankful for the first 10 years of my life that I spent with her. She is just the best Lola ever!


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Ballroom and Disco Night in Frankfurt

Everyone is invited to join. Learn how to dance Swing, Tango, Rumba and Cha-cha. Every hour a new dance step will be introduced by our in-house Dance Instructor. Come, let’s have fun on this winter night and learn to dance with old and new friends.

Date: February 18, 2012
Venue: Mainfeld Raum für Kultur, Im Mainfeld 6, Frankfurt am Main.
Time: Dancing will start at 18:00

Ticket cost:

Pre-sale: 13,00€
Price at ticket box: 15,00€
(Price includes buffet snacks. Drinks are available for sale.)

For tickets and more info:

Hannah (MissP) 0163 877 9912

Marie 0171 546 2276

Rose Tungol 0172 802 7879

Rita 0173 655 8160

Aida 0176 7044 8469

Edison 0176 60908228

Coach Toti 0176 37578458

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Another Pinoy to be proud of

Since I arrived here in Frankfurt, Germany I only went to two hairstylists. The first one was in Eschborn were I had a normal wash, haircut, blow dry and styling that cost me 89€+ tip. Okay, in fairness, I liked the cut. It was very much 60’s just as I wanted it to be. But it was way too expensive for me. I admit I am a sucker for discounts and whenever I cannot get a good bargain, I try not to go back to the same place anymore–if I can avoid it.

So, the next haircut I had, I went to a Pinoy who was then learning to become a registered hairstylist here in Germany. I liked his style, probably because he knows the Filipino way of pampering the hair and the client. Since then I was hooked. I always asked him to take care of my hair… my shining glory, so to say. I noticed that my hair felt good in this Pinoy hairstylist’s careful, good hands. Back then it was not very difficult to make an appointment with Jezz. One call, as long as it is outside his school hours and practicum time, I managed to get my hair pampering done. And since Jezz is really good at his profession, I started to recommend him to other Filipina colleagues at work, too.

By the way, those who live outside the Philippines, you do know the drill right? The arrangement is that 3 or more ladies would come for the hair treatment. Haircutting schedule is always arranged at somebody’s place where bonding, eating and storytelling (chismiss) are already included.

As the years passed and Jezz finally finished his degree, it slowly became difficult to get appointments from him. He was always on the go, to a wedding, a birthday party or a gala event where he is booked. And of course, he also was employed at a hair salon here in Frankfurt am Main, where some of his customers include TV moderators and models. On top of that, he was also doing his Masteral studies, hence, his schedule was really tight. So, what we did, after every session with him, we would already book the next appointment in six weeks time. Yes, that’s how long we would have to wait. For some, who can’t make it to the said appointment will have to wait for the next one after that. I for one, always had to wait longer because I would always miss the appointments for some spur of the moment reason. Lame, I know..but it always happened.

Anyway, after Jezz finished his Masteral studies, he planned to open his own salon here in Frankfurt am Main. When he was asked when this would happen, he always humbly replied that it would still take some years for his dream to come true. He needed to save up first in order to start on his own. But as luck would have it, the salon where he was working had to close down. So, he took the chance to finally start anew, this time as his own boss.

Right in the heart of Frankfurt am Main, Jezz found a place where he could open his own salon. His clients from his previous work still comes to him. Of course, his Filipino “suki” are more than happy since now, it is definitely easier to make an appointment with him.

Last night, Jezz officially openned his salon. The guest was a mixture of German and Filipino beauties. Jezz hairstyling is finally open for business. The Philippine Consul General, Her Excellency Maria Cleofe Natividad graced us wih her presence. Among others were Jezz’ close friends, ex-colleagues and those valuable long-time clients. So, to Jezz, I salute you. I wish you much success in this new venture of yours. I’m so proud of you sister!!!

Jezz has a cosy two seater salon located at Eschersheimer Landstrasse, 25 in Frankfurt am Main. For appointments, he can be reached at 01741843863. Or visit him at Facebook: Jezz Hairstyling.

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A friend will be celebrating her round double digit birthday! We are planning on giving her a party. A really big one. Unfortunately, we cannot start on the preparations yet, since the most important detail has not been settled yet.

The VENUE! We need a hall with a stage and a kitchen. It should be able to accommodate 250-300 guests, must be situated 10 km around the vicinity of Offenbach am Main and more preferrably will not cost more than 600€.

Do you guys hapen to know of such a place? Please let me know.

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