Vacation with Trish

August 26, 2010

This summer has been quiet special for a couple of reasons.

Top of the list is because Trish came to visit us here in Europe.

I am aware that kids crossing continents alone happens frequently specially if parents live apart or are divorced. But for our Trish, this is the first time that she took the plane from JFK and flew over to Frankfurt am Main alone just to visit her relations here in Europe. At age 8, I’d say I’m impressed. I myself could only travel alone when I turned 15. And that I can’t even compare because I didn’t fly to another continent. I just went to Manila. My sisters even later.

Anyway, the second reason is because this is the first time ever that Trish could meet her cousins Duday and Matthew and of course Uncles Tim and Christopher. That goes for the aunts as well.  She never met her aunts Ponggay and Badiday before since they were already in Belgium before Trish was born. Two years later Trish moved to New York with her Mom and Dad. Nevertheless, they spoke on the phone several times.

Trish landed at Frankfurt am Main airport last July 23, 2010 at 05:30 A.M. via the Lufthansa 401 flight out of JFK. Mike and I picked her up. Two days later we drove to Brussels, Belgium where she then stayed most of the time. She went to visit museums, parks, had fun with Marble (Duday’s Lhaso Apso) and Uncle Tim and with her cousins all the time.  Trish is scheduled to fly back tomorrow August 27 back to JFK via Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We will miss her. But she promised to come back anyway next summer. Next time, she wishes to stay for a year though. We’d be happy having her here for a year but I guess that would make her parents sad…hehehe.

For now, I’m sharing some photos in this post. Video clips and the rest of the photos from Belgium will be posted later this week. Have fun browsing!

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