Dear Jürgen,
Today would have been your 50th birthday!
Would have been half a lifetime.
You lived, you laughed, and cried.
You loved, forgave and understood.
You got up, moved on and faced the world.
I know despite your illness and pain, you chose to face your own battle…
your spirit was still willing, but your body simply failing.
And your internal organs affected were slowly breaking.
God saw your Will to survive… and through the very end, you fought death with your might.
Still, there was no place for pity and bitterness in your heart.
And finally, God saw you getting tired.
You must leave us,
To return to our Almighty Father,
God is releasing you from your pain…
…suffering and misery.
Giving you the freedom you so deserved rightfully.


You’re probably watching us now from afar,
Celebrating with us in spirit,
It’s our loss…
but you are now forever free,
from the pain and worries of mortality.
We love you dear Jürgen, wherever you may now be!
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