Back in the saddle again…

Yes, I work again at Frankfurt International airport. I actually started 1st of December. Until now I am still on training and already I am getting bored at it. I have always thought that an 8 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. job, from Monday to Friday is a dream. It is not! Or at least not for me. I am so waiting for my regular shifting schedule where sometimes I get to start at 05:30 till 14:00  or if I am lucky, I get to start at 13:300 till 22:00 pm. I am also looking forward to work just four consecutive days a week instead of five. Of course, working in shifts has its cons as well. But, I am so used to it already, that the con part is actually not so negative for me anymore.

I am really glad that I have something to do again now. I heard on the news just the other day that the unemployment rate in Germany, as of December 2010, according to Spiegel Online is at 7.2% which is around 3,016 million. It’s very scary to think that a first world country here in Europe is also under recession. But, I guess this is not only a case of one country. Worlwide recession is known to all of us.

That’s why, I am just as thankful that I have a secure job now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the job long enough until I am eligible to claim for pension, hehehe.

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