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December is just around the corner…

(Yes, coming from the roundabout in Georges Henri, take the second exit to Rue de Heydenberg then take first street left… that’s December street, in Woluwe St.-Lambert… hehehe. )

I’ve been up and out of bed since 2 hours ago. I have so many things to do, that I thought it best to have an early start. Laundry, ironing, shopping and my vain errands like having my eyebrows threaded and getting a facial, manicure and foot spa. All these has to be accomplished today, the last day of November.

Tomorrow is already 1st of December. I think it is good to start December clean… both the home and in your own personal body. I don’t know about you, but to me the month of December is special. Not only because the birth of Christ is celebrated on this month but also because it is the last month of the year. The month where we are given the chance to let go of old habits and bad things in our life. It also signifies that a new a wonderful beginning will follow. After December comes January. The month when we all promise to start anew and hopefully do good for all mankind. The first month of the year which always brings us new hope, fresh ideas and a good jump into a new life.

So, I should stop vegetating in front of my laptop now and get on with my errands. But first, I need to turn on my loud music. It’s more fun doing household chores with music, don’t you think?
Christmas Songs- Marilyn Monroe – Santa Baby

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