De Vossemeren Village, Centerparcs…

How time flies. Just a few weeks ago we were in Belgium then we had to come back to Germany for a few days to finish some business. Tomorrow, we are going back to Belgium. But not to Brussels this time. We will be driving straight to De Vossemeren village in Lommel, a town in the province of Limburg, situated Northwest of Belgium.

Centerparcs is a recreational Park for the whole family. There, one can have fun with the indoor wave pool which is equipped with several theme slides. Plus, go snorkeling or diving, wall climbing, bungee jumping, boating or cycling around the area. They have several lakes where one can also just laze about the shore and get some tan, if mr. Sunshine is generous enough to shine on the whole day or play beach ball, volleyball and lawn tennis. Otherwise, one can also enjoy the Indoor recreational sports like: table tennis, badminton, some rides for the kids, explore the Pirate Ship wreckage, etc. At the marketplace, they have also several activities programmed for the children. Courses like painting, cooking for kids, or parlor games are offered with their scheduled activities. For the adults, towards the evening they have live music or dancing. Bowling, pool and computer games can also be enjoyed inside the Village behind the Bar.

The Village itself is already at the border between Belgium and The Netherlands. I remember, the last time we were there, hubby woke up early one day and said he would go out to buy eggs… in Netherlands. I mean, talk about crossing border to the next country to have lunch, dinner or buy eggs!

The Centerparks is like one little vacation town. The cottages that they offer has a fully equipped kitchen. For parents who prefer a home-cooked meal during their stay at the park can do this. Or they can also eat out at the food court available in the market. Special services can also be arranged ahead. They also have hotel and business center available. I guess almost everything necessary in our everyday life. Oh, yes, everything is within walking distance. Or one can also take a bike tour around the whole village. Hubby used to cycle outside the Village. He went either towards The Netherlands or ride through Lommel and its neighboring towns.

Last time we were there was only for 3 days. This time we booked two cottages for one complete week. Hopefully all 4 kids would enjoy the stay. I know i will as I did last year.

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