Friendship uncertainties

“I resign! I resign from being your friend”!
“I wish it were that easy? Perhaps it is. I just don’t know the trick yet how to just NOT care anymore…” my ex colleague told me just the other day.

Friendship is not just something one can buy. It does not happen overnight. Nor does it happen in just some days or several hours. It cannot be attained just by shaking the hands of another person. Nor can it be gained just by being introduced or by meeting someone along the street or from the other side of the road.

It has to be worked on. It takes years to earn a friend. When it is stablished, it could get painful to just ruin the friendship that was build on trust, honesty and loyalty through the years.

My question is: Are the factors TRUST, LOYALTY, HONESTY and LONGEVITY enough to consider to count someone as a REAL friend?

An acquaintance talked to me about these things. Unfortunately, I couldn’t give her the right answer, that’s of course considering that there really is a RIGHT answer.

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