Martial Law in Mindanao

History is indeed repeating itself!

Way back in 1971, Marcos put the Philippines under the Military regime-governed by of course The Marcos’s and their cronies.

Way back then and for some years it was a grueling fight for democracy and human rights of the people against the people who were in power.

Way back then I can only recall the salvages, the deaths and disappearances of public workers and journalists and anybody who declared that they were against  the family leading the country.

It was a dark and scary world then. Until the time that the Philippines was freed from the grasps of those ogres in Power.. and started living a democracy led Government for the people and by the people.

But, like all other good things in life, it never lasts for very long.

Last May 23, 2017 Martial was declared in Mindanao. A few days after that, the current president was already saying over media that the situation might not be isolated in Mindanao and that it may be that not long after, he will have to declare the whole Nation under the military governance.

Yesterday a reported bombing incident in Manila was then declared as another terrorist attack. Luckily, it was not bought by the media and the people. It was, in the end declared as “a private individual’s resort to personal problems”. Not like as claimed earlier that it was a terrorist attack by ISIS.

It’s been quiet for some time now. Martial Law in Mindanao is planned to last last 60 days. Hopefully!

Every one, let’s be vigilant. Let’s pray that the situation in Mindanao will not worsen. Let’s hope and hang on to democracy for our beloved country, the Philippines.

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