The need to…

The “need” to be with friends and families is like a magnet. There are times when one just simply wants to disappear from the face of the world. For whatever reason, one needs to be disconnected to others and needs time off. But no matter how hard one tries to get away and hide from people or from a community, at some point or another, one still breaks down and eventually gets back in circulation. After some time, one needs to come back to the real world and face whatever it was that forced the person to run, hide or disappear.

This strong urge gets to me as well every now and then. It comes like a thief in the night (or day) depends on when I get hit by it. The urge to be disconnected and then again the need to be back with my family, relations and friends.

Very similar to my relationship with this blogsite, actually 😉 !

Normally, I am just a silent person. I just stay on the sidelines… watching, lurking, stalking. I am with friends, but I only watch and listen to what’s going on around/within the community. But sometimes, it comes to me like an “itch”. Then I open my mouth…. and whaammmmm!!!!I say the darndest, most s****d thing — then I fall silent again for a long time, hahahaha!

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