20 days

Yes, twenty days have passed since my last entry. How time flies. It’s now end of the month again. In a few days, it is already October. Autumn has come but apparently the summer still wants to stay a bit longer. Well, summer came late this year anyway, so it’s just fair that we let it stay for a few days more, right? Although, I would also welcome autumn with open arms… since autumn is my fave season. Blame it to the fact that I am an Autumn baby myself. The leaves changing colors and the starting to fall… makes the atmosphere so melancholic, so peaceful. The arrival of autumn this year means:
*** that Christmas is just around the corner, creeping upon us.
*** that in a few weeks time, I will be coming home again.
*** that I’ll be enjoying 5 weeks of relaxation and traveling within the Philippines. Our IT will be, Boracay courtesy of Jezz Hairstyling, Mt. Pinatubo and eventually Isabella region.

On top of that, perhaps also a few day in Macau with my Dad. My dad doesn’t like to travel for a longer period of time. So, instead of him coming to Europe with my youngest brother Kally, we will just take him somewhere closer to home. I just love it!

So, what’s my point here? Well, i am just missing my family, the house in Paranaque, my relatives and very close friends. And I’m excited cause I’ll be seeing them again soon!!!

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