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LP: “Tawid” – To cross

The Litratong Pinoy weekly challenge for this week is “Tawid” or “To cross”.

London bridge is falling down…ahhh, actually NOT! I don’t really know because I went to London to visit the Queen … este, see the Golden Gate in San Francisco, California last June. Just so you know, (even if you are not interested, hehehe), this famous bridge is in “my list of places to visit before I die”. So when my friend invited me to go to the USA to visit her relatives, I couldn’t say no to her. Our IT included San Francisco, Chicago and New york/New Jersey. I already have another entry prepared for the whole duration of the trip. It#ll be up soon, pwamis!

For now, I can proudly say, I crossed the Golden Gate bridge on foot. It was not just a windy day but actually a chilly day. In any case that didn’t stop me from walking along the bridge. Of course the hordes of tourists attempting to cross the bridge motivated me also. My friend thought we would just walk a bit towards the middle part and take some pictures before going back to the car. But I insisted to go all the way to the other end. “Di ba nga, cross the bridge when you get there?!” Yan ang palagi kong naririnig sa ibang tao eh, hehehehe… Kaya ayun… naki tawid na rin ako.

It was really fun hanging on to the railings of the bridge. Imagine yourself trying to pose for a nice picture, while the wind is blowing your bondocs off, not to mention your hair flying in all directions! I managed anyway. Thanks to my friend and her nephew.

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