In which life?

If it is true that a person has 4 lifetimes, I do wonder sometimes in which lifetime I am now.

If it is the first, at least I know I will have more chances of improving myself. My attitude, my outlook in life.
If it is the second, I thank God that I still have three more lifetimes to enjoy.
If it is the third, then I am grateful for the chance to be able to help others and myself for a better future.
If it is my last, I can only say that I am thankful to have lived a good life. I appreciate everything that happened to me. I am happy to have met all the people who helped me turn out to be how I am now. Those who molded me, my personality and way of thinking-I thank thee!

To the people who helped me reach some parts of my destiny (or perhaps it was faith) in this life, I know and believe that it was not a coincidence, it was just meant to be. You came to my life for a reason and it has been fulfilled.

To you who came and went; who could not stay in my life, I regret but I also could not stray. It was a nuisance but one that had to happen. Still I am thankful for the time together. At one point or another, it has also helped me mold my personality.

To you who are part of my life not by choice, I would be happy to have you again in my next.

To you whom I only dreamed about but could not be a part in my life, and if it is fate or destiny, maybe someday in some other life, it will then be.

For only one Great Being can tell and can assign everyone’s destiny.

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