Fate and Destiny

When it comes to Fate there are no so-called Coincidences. Fate is determined by the choices one makes. This is why each and every individual in this universe be feel like gods in their world. Every single person can actually design and engineer his/her own life destination.
But what if, and only if.. indeed it is possible that Fate chooses the person? In example, what is bound to happen, will happen, as Fate wills it so. Would this be then Destiny and now anymore Fate?

So, when does Destiny become Fate? Destiny is preordained by a higher Being. Destiny is a gift from God.
Suffice it to say, when Destiny takes over, it will always win – or not?
Will Fate then be erased and forgotten as the Will of the Great Being precedes Fate?
In this case, is it because Destiny always overrules Fate?
Or is it because, the choices one made was also Destined to happen?

Fate and Destiny? How can it be determined which is which?

Is it my Fate to live longer because I chose it to be?
Or is it my destiny to live longer because it was preordained?

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