Being in-between jobs can be fun too

I have been out of work for some months now. Finally I gathered the courage to get out of my comfort zone and I did. Honestly, it was also triggered by a conflict at work with one colleague. Then, the rest just followed.

I admit that sometimes I do miss waking up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare for work, but on the hand, I would not trade what I have for now with anything else. Oh, yes and hubby is also busy looking out for places to go to and is already busy booking short vacations for the next 6 months or so.

I think he has already Italy, Malta and Costa del Sol in mind. Italy is booked, Malta and Costa, well, can still be changed. Depends on the availability of a Marriott Vacation Club Resort in the area. Time frame is also already fixed. Hopefully, I would still be off work by the time all these planned vacations take place.

So, aside from household chores and some errands that has been waiting for me since more than a week now, I haven’t been busy with anything else. Oh, I did catch up on my reading and cooking, trying out new recipes. I have also been quite busy tinkering with my Nokia N97. I got the new phone early this year and haven’t really fully maximized on using if not all, at least most of its outstanding features. Getting all the applications available for my phone unit via OVI or downloading it in my computer and then installing it manually in my phone is like a snap of my fingers for me. Too easy, I tell you. This new generation phones are really getting better and better. Organizer, Internet, Navigation (GPS) and normal telephoning, sure. But, having Psiloc World traveller, for example, or using Fring with it gives me the kick… hehe. Facebook, YouTube and the likes i have tried by just connecting via Wlan. Having several messenger features registered and open at the same time is something i just found out some time ago. For example, I can be online in my
yahoo messenger, msn messenger, googletalk, skype and Twitter at the same time via with my phone. Oh yeah, getting radio transmitted to the mobile phone is quite common, but to use the phone as Transmitter to your car radio is really interesting. If I don’t happen to like listening to the radio in my car, I just switch on to the correct wavelength and transmit all my favorite songs saved in my phone and listen to it via the car stereo speakers. Cool, right. Although, I guess some of you have already a car stereo that can also play mp3 files by just inserting a usb stick to it. I do have an old car and I neither have iPod nor Mp3 player in my car, so I have to have make do with the best that I got, right?! I am really happy with it though. I couldn’t wish for a better toy for now than what I have.

I’m happily tinkering my phone, for now.

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