Just getting rid of the virus, oh, not in my computer though

I should probably stop FBe-ing and should start doing some real work, but I keep getting sidetracked by messages from my chat board. Darn, I should close it now. Anyway, haven’t had much fun these last couple of days since I have been down with the Flu. I think it may have been caused by a virus that I caught from one of the party guests, but what the heck. At least I am feeling much better now. I’m just worried that the virus would catch hubby as as well.

Anyway, now that I am feeling much better, I decided to get up early and start disinfecting the whole house. Toilet and bath, kitchen bedroom and living and dining room. Changed all the bed sheets with fresh ones and towels as well. The trash has to be thrown out. I have to make sure that not a single tissue paper would be left behind. The bins themselves has to be sprayed with disinfectant as well. I don’t have OCD but better to be safe than sorry. Actually, I am in the middle of this overhaul at home now. I just sat down in front of my laptop again to rest for a while. Of course I said to myself that I would only sit down to rest for 30 minutes, but as I have mentioned earlier, FB is keeping me from the more important tasks at hand. Oh well, blame it on someone or in this case something else, hehehe.

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