Bonding with Duday in Berlin

My niece Duds came to visit me from Brussels. After roaming around Frankfurt am Main, going shopping at Wertheim Village and biking around Altenstadt, we decided to go to Berlin whilst hubby is away on a business trip. No sense staying in Altenstadt the whole time.

For two nights and three days, we roamed around Berlin. We stayed at a hotel in Potsdamer-Platz as hubby recommended. From there, we just either walked to almost all of the must see places there. The Siegelsäule, The Museum Island, The Berlin TV Tower and the Wax Museum to name some. Although the last one had a very long line when we went there despite the heavy rain, so we decided not to stay.

It was really fun despite the heavy rain that poured on the last day we were there. Duday almost didn’t want to leave the place anymore.

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