Daylight saving or chaotic living?

Woke up at around 06:09 a.m. today with pain in my abdomen. Got up, went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When I got there, I noticed hubby’s huge wall clock and saw the time again. 07:09…huh??? Time travel? Rubbed my eyes to see if maybe it was just the morning glory playing with my eyes. It’s not. It really was 07:09 turning 07:10. Okay, walked past the dining room and crossed over to the living room, turned the television on and saw the time was 07:11. Huh??? Oh….

We just had the night before time change. We have Daylight Saving Time here in Germany. A lot of people get confused about the change. It’s always the question of either (we) add one hour or deduct one hour from the actual time. Then, of course, people who have to go to work on weekends have the misfortune of either getting to work late or one hour too early. I should be used to it by now, but I still get confused each time we have time change. It does happen twice a year. Once in Autumn and then again in Spring. I guess we will have to live with this changes all our lives. Every European country, except Iceland observes Daylight Saving Time.

In Russia though, I heard on the radio that this will be the last time they will have time change. People there claim that this time changes make their life routine chaotic and and may be causing ailment therefore, DST will be abolished in Russia, according to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on his announcement last Feb. 8 this year. “When the clocks change over for summer or for winter, people experience a stress and may develop an ailment. So the unchanged time would have a positive effect,” he said. They changed time last night for the last time this year. Come October they will not turn back their time. Should I say lucky them?

Well, for now, I can’t decide if I prefer to have DST or if I can imagine not changing times come Fall or Spring. I’m just glad that I didn’t have to rush to work today.

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