Disneyland Paris

With a sizzling 30 degrees temperature, we had a wonderful day at Disneyland Paris last week. Our entourage left in two cars at 06:30 and arrive Paris at around 10:00 after two stopovers. We were lucky there was no traffic jams along the way. We had a smooth drive from Brussels all the way to France.

Tickets were booked in advance so, we could just go through the entrance without staying in the very long cue for tickets. Once inside, we all scattered like a herd sheep running for the greener part of the meadow. Not before we arranged a time and place to meet later. First stop Fantasy Island, where Trish got freaked out by the dolls in the “Small World” ride. I loved it though! Later during the afternoon, Trish started feeling unwell. Had to rest for a while to give her medicine. Later though, the patient claimed she got sick for like six minutes only, hehehe. Once she started sweating, we just continued where we stopped to rest. We roamed around the area until almost midnight. Then we drove to the hotel where we would be spending the night. All in all, it was a really fun sunny day in Disneyland.

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