Vanity or Mid life crisis

Until the other day, I hadn’t realized that I am now in what they call “Midlife-crisis” state. I constantly think about my age, the upcoming round birthday. I am easily agitated if I can’t find the right clothes to wear. Hell, aside form my uniform, i don’t even know what I should wear if the need to go out of the houses arises. Should I go for mature Women’s attire which is probably more appropriate for my age or should i go for sneakers and tight sexy tops to try and gain the effect of looking younger? I have questions bugging me like:

1. If somebody would describe me passing by, would they say an older woman of about 45-50 passed by? Or would they say, a lady, say in her mid twenties to early thirties walked by?

2. Do I have wrinkles showing on my face?

3. Do I still walk with the quick hop attitude of a young person or do I slowly and cautiously walk like an elderly?

4. Do I still look sexy and fresh?

5. Or do I rather look old and tired and sickly?

6. Should I perhaps start using facial and hand creams that says “Anti-Aging” on them or stick to my good old trusted brand cream?

7. Should I start asking my Gynecologist about hormone pills?

Silly things, yes to some, but I’m sure a lot of Women go through this stage. Thank goodness, my body temperature is not making me crazy yet. This means at least that I am not yet going through menopausal stage… i think, but hhmmmmm… :straight: 🙄

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