Getting crazy over KD’s

What makes it selling like pancakes?

Since I have been hooked up with the Kd’s that my sister and cousins got me started…… hindi na  kao nakaka tulog na tama! Ang gabi ko ay nagi-ging araw at ang araw ko naman ay parang lumilipas sa loob ng sinehan. Walang katapusang roll ng camera films… although in this case more on sunod-sunod na episodes ng mga K-drama.

I’m loving and enjoying Rom-Coms.

It reminds high school crushes, kilig factors and story ng friendships and the struggles in establishing a relationship.

Siyempre, fantasy is working overtime lalo na kapag rich man- working class girl ang theme. And of course, plus++ factors din ang super Bod and overdose sa ka- pogi ng mga Oppas.

Kayo? Are you into it as well?

Try these: Goblin, Tomorrow with you, The Legend of the Blue Sea, The Heirs, Healer – for starters.

Tapos get back to me when you are already up to the point where you really, really want to meet these actors in person na cause you feel like you are so much into them na…. as in Oppppa!!!!





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