My Desigual…finally!

I finally bought a Desigual knitted dress. It was on sale at a shop but still, for my budget a bit expensive. It didn’t matter though. I just need to skip some meals during the next few days, (blink) … hehehe! I have been keeping an eye on a Desigual Long Jacket, waiting for it to go on sale. But after two years, it is still as expensive as when it first came out. So, for now, I have to be contented with the Desigual knitted dress that I found.

I love the knitted dress. It feels good, not itchy, it’s like a second skin for me and most of all, I feel really sexy in it…Oh yeah, I think it is worth the bucks I paid for it!

Notice the neckline? Oh yeah… I dare, hehehe! Of course I can only wear it with some kind of undershirt or body tights. Unfortunately, I am not very gifted in that part of my torso. The dress looks wide but when one puts it on, it definitely clings to the body therefore showing the real body form of the bearer.

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