Winter is here…

The sign! It has been freezing cold during the last few days. I could already smell the first drops of snowflakes since last week. This weekend, it finally poured. Today, I woke up to a winter-white surroundings… I love it! Admittedly, after living of more than a decade here in Europe, I still find it amazing every time it snows. Although my favorite season is actually Autumn. Not quiet a wonder since I am an autumn child, (that’s if we have Autumn in the Philippines).

Winter still never cease to amaze me. Year after year, I eagerly wait for the first drops of snow flakes. Light as a feather and white as cotton. I like the contrast it brings when it sits on my hair. Or on my clothes. I love making wholes on a pile of white powdery snow ground. I like, i like, i like… until it starts to melt and it makes muddy paths…hehehe.

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