overlooking view The Bontocs

on our last week

The vacation has been good. We are now on our last week here in the Philippines. We’re still in Banaue. We arrived yesterday afternoon via Baguio with me and hubby alternately driving. We were worried at first as to the road conditions but as we were already advised by our host in Pangasinan that the roads are paved all the way to Sagada, we dared to take the vehicle instead of leaving it in Baguio. Thing is, we would then have to go back to Baguio to pick it up before going down to Pampanga. Which means loosing one day for traveling. But since we brought the vehicle up, we ended up with one extra day on our trip here to the North. A very good thing!

overlooking view of the Bontocs

overlooking view of the Bontocs

Today we will be visiting some Rice Terraces villages, waterfalls and hot spring areas here. Then we’ll have a quiet afternoon siesta. First stop: breakfast with Kapeng barako at the resto downstairs! 🙂

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