Planning for the next trip already…

“How about going to an “FKK” Oasis for our next short vacation?”, hubby asked while checking out places where we would go next. That is after our trip to Italy and Gran Canaria. I had to scratch the last one, since I won’t be able to join him on that trip.

“FKK” is short for “Freikörperkultur” ( Free Body Culture). A naturistic approach to community living. It maybe a camp or beach community where people are naked all the time. Yes, a “nudist” community. The principle behind is to enjoy and experience nature in being nude itself. In case you are wondering, it has no direct relation to sexuality or to sex itself. The traditional followers of this culture is called naturist’s or nudist’. Yes, here in Germany, this community is known to exist. You can read more about this culture here.

The thing is, if one wants to go to a place like this, one has to be open enough to walk around naked. As in totally naked. No shred of clothing should be worn. Anyway, if one decides to stay there and does not follow rules, won’t one feel weird because all the others aren’t wearing anything anyway. But I cannot imagine me, a Filipina, doing just that. I heard from my aunt once that she had a Filipina friend who is married to a  German who once went to a place like this. It was really uncomfortable for the couple since the Filipina would not budge in getting out of her clothes. So, they ended up staying in the place for three whole days she fully clothed and him, together with the rest of the people there naked!

I couldn’t imagine myself in her shoes. I would die of shame if I would be forced to do it. I tried to explain this to hubby. Fortunately, he is ok with it and immediately dismissed the idea.

Instead, we agreed to think about the next long vacation that we will be having around the last quarter of the year. It will be in the Philippines of course, but some place where we haven’t visited. Hmmm, I’m thinking the Caramoan Islands in Camarines Sur. (Picture is from the same linked site). I have heard a lot of good reviews about the place. Also, what we normally do on our vacations like island hopping, hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking are offered in this place. So why not? Anyway, i still have some time to organize the trip. Way before September, I think we should be able to come up already with a fixed date and Itinerary. Till then I’m still open to other suggestions but “FKK” is out of the question!

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