Please return my muse to me

My muse, my muse.
Give me back my Muse.
If not till sunset today
Then forever she’ll be away.

It has been months,
Or perhaps years
The last time my Muse accompanied me
Through life’s art and poetry.

Those were the days when words came easy,
Those were the days when ideas came in dandy.
It was just a blink of an eye,
Et Voila, presto… my poem danced in my eyes.

Cooking never seemed too messy,
Dancing was just another step for me.
But without my Muse,
Even drawing is a mystery.

So please, please, come back to me,
My Muse if you please, let it all just be.
I need your guidance, I need your direction,
I need your artistic creation!

Photo from Mexican Skies.Com

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