Re-setting Nokia E61

What is the normal life span of a cellular phone? I ask this because, just yesterday, something strange happened to my old Nokia E61. As I was organizing and cleaning out my contacts, the phone just suddenly died. It made one last long blink and suddenly was off. I thought perhaps the battery was down or something. I plugged the phone directly to charge it again but it was not reacting at all. So I changed the battery to my stand by battery that I ordered a few months back. I tried to turn it on, but it wouldn’t budge anymore. I searched online on how to reset the phone. It didn’t matter that I would loose all my data in it, I have a back up anyway in my computer. I tried what was suggested online. To press buttons 3 + * + green button + power button at the same time until the Nokia sign would show up.

It didn’t work. It was really frustrating that I couldn’t get it working again. I also searched online for a licensed Nokia Shop in the area where I live or any Licensed Nokia repair center somewhere in Frankfurt am Main area and of course in Wetterau area, but I didn’t find any. There are one or two shops with phone number listings but when I tried to call them, the number does not exist anymore. Either that or the shops has closed down already. I also called the Nokia hhotline number to ask for assistance, at least maybe they could tell me where I can get the phone repaired, but the call center agent could only give me the numbers that I already tried to call earlier, which does not exist. Darn!

Okay, maybe I should just give up and just start thinking of getting a new one. But the phone was really good. I used it to it’s full capacity. It was really very helpful to me. I couldn’t even imagine my life without it anymore. That’s why I can’t imagine getting a new one. But maybe I should just do it. Resign to the fact that even this material thing also has an expiration date. I mean, if people expire, why not gadgets or material things?

So, I left the phone lying on my desk for a while and started searching the net for a new phone. If not the same, probably a better one. After sometime, I ended being partial to an Android phone. As I was musing, and surfing my hand wondered to where my Nokia E61 was. I looked at it again and tried to reset it again. Left it on a while longer and suddenly… it came back to life.

Now, I am busy with the task of installing some applications that would be useful to me. I may have to leave some out, so as not to overload it with apps like before. I have to be very gentle with it now. I feel like handling a newly operated person. Not too much movements. All no-no’s has to be watched out for.

Finally, it is almost complete. Now, about the Android thing… I think it can still wait for a bit.

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