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My very late park entry….

This park looks empty on a very warm sunny day. Well, I was there on a weekday. People are either at work or in school. There were some old folks enjoying the park though. I like parks. I like to sit on a bench and read a book. I also enjoy observing the birds dropping by every now and then hoping for a crumb or some seeds. Or watch a family or two enjoying a nice day together. Heck, I also like to walk around whole park. I used to do that before back when I was still in Bruxelles. I used to walk through one specific park, Bois dela Cambre for some hours. But I don’t like parks when it is just overflowing with people. Anti-social am I not. I just don’t like the boisterous drinking crowd and then once they get drunk, start pestering the other park-goers. Just that.

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Zumba fever

I feel good. Not because summer fever is here, but because I just started a regime for my body. I heard from a colleague who used to weigh 80 kilos perhaps even more and after a year she has now a really perfect body. Firm stomach, no flagging arms at all and most of all, the legs and bottom are in a perfect shape. I was so envious that I thought I should do something good for my body too. The secret… ZUMBA fitness.

I searched about it at first online. It seems to be a fun way of shaping up, so I decided to give it a try. No harm there, I thought. And I was right.

See, early this year, I was scheduled for another “Fasting” week to detox my body and loose some weight as well in the process. Since I couldn’t go for a vacation last March, I had to re-schedule my Fasting week. The problem is, I am slowly gaining weight again. I actually already gained a kilo and a half during the last 8 months or so. I am gaining weight so fast. My next scheduled “Fasting” is sometime in October. Until then, I have to maintain my current weight despite all the barbecue parties that I am invited to.

So, I started with my steps. 12,000 steps a day was my original target. That’s like an hour on the stepper plus 30 minutes hula-hooping. I feel good but somehow, with the steps, I feel like it’s not enough. Until my colleague told me about ZUMBA fitness. She asked me if I heard about it already. I said “somehow, I know it was mentioned in passing during one of my talking marathon with some friends at a party. But, it didn’t really register much. That’s when she explained it all.

I ordered my videos and started immediately right after I got them. Amazing thing is, I am now maintaining my weight. Everyday I go on the scale and each time, my weight is constant! Great. Oh, I don’t need to loose weight. I just need to tone up my muscles and maintain my body weight. I will loose weight anyway when I go fasting again come October. For now, I am happy!

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