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Ahhhh, November!

It’s almost over: the month, the year. The beginning of the end, so to say. The beginning of the “ber” months. “Ber” as in, “September, October, November and of course December”.

With it comes the promise of the beginning of the new season, “autumn”, the start of the holiday seasons – that ends with Christmas holidays.

But it’s not only that, November is also for me, memorable since I know not just one, but several people close to me who are celebrating their birthday on this month… the loving ones, the cuddly, the sensitive and creative. They are artistic and very much successful in whatever they aspire to do.

Pero ang laki na ng pinagbago sa mga panahon ngayon. Dati-rati, kung may birthday, handaan lang. Kumbidado lahat sa isang malaking pagsasalu-salo. May mga batang kakanta at sasayaw. Tapos okay na ang program. Kainan at inuman na agad magdamag.

Tapos na uso ang sing-along, Sa bawat handaan, hindi pwedeng walang kantahan. Minus one man o laser disc basta may micropono at speakers, okay na. Ngawa-an, inuman at kainan na– pamorningan pa. Ang nakaka aliw nowadays, kung may birthday-han, hindi na pwedeng mawalan ng Cotillon. Ang sa pagkaka alam ko kasi, ang sayaw na Cotillon ay para sa debutante lang. Lam mo na, 18 years old birthday. Introducing a young lady  into the society.  Siyempre, kumpleto lahat, aside from the 3 or 4 layered cake, the first dance with the father of the celebrant, the cotillon dance, 18 candles and 18 roses.

Pero hanep na ngayon… it doesn’t matter anymore what age they are celebrating, sa bata, 7, 8 or 10 years old… sa matatanda, din ganun din. Kadalasan naman round birthdays, 30, 40 or 50 years old. Importante, ang celebration, ang program ay parang ganun din sa debutant. Hindi na importante ang edad basta may pera, may venue at gustong mag pa bongga—go na. Nakaka aliw, kasi hindi na mga bata ang nag sasayaw sa program. Matatanda na din. Iba-ibang lahi at edad, basta sayawan… bira na agad. May modern, may hawaian at siyempre walang kamatayang cultural dance. Tinikling, pandanggo sa ilaw, at iba pa. Hindi rin nawawala ang oldies but goodies na ballroom dances: Cha-cha, Salsa, Bacchiata, Foxtrott, Rumba. Dahil dito, kasama ang lola niyong naiimbitahan sa mga handaan. Isang grupo ng  mga young at heart na ladies na may komun na kagustohan. Ang mag sayaw. Pwedeng cultural/folk dance, pwede din modern at kung gusto niyo ay sasabak din sa Boogie, Salsa, Samba at Cha-cha na naka stilletto pa. Hayaan niyo na ang wanka-ta ng mga Loley– medyo papasa pa naman diba? 🙂




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Out with the old…

There are days when I could already smell the sweet air of Christmas. The feel of Snow. Hear the Christmas songs in the airwaves and at the Malls. It just means, year-end is also just around the corner. But before we slide into the new year, we end the current year with a Bang!!!

We fuss about Christmas! With the season always comes gatherings, dinner invites and and corporate parties. Meaning, we all get stuffed with sweets, alcohol and cholesterol. Its all good things but in excess could turn out bad for us. Oh well, as the old, rusty excuse goes: It’s Christmas anyway!

And of course, with all the invites, one also worries about what to wear to each event… hehehe, oh yes! *wink* go ahead, admit it. I sometimes pretend I don’t really care what I wear to these invites, but deep inside, yes I admittedly do.  😆

Since the beginning of November, I have been like out almost every weekend…  my weekends anyway (my days off). I fear that I may not have enough cool outfits to wear. As of the moment, I have like already 3 invites in a row starting this weekend…until end of the month. And I am already fidgeting. I don’t have a wide variety of choices. What hangs in my closet are either retro or sooo retro! They probably won’t fit me anymore, anyway. But I dug in my old chest. Perhaps, there is still an outfit or two that I haven’t worn for a while now.

So, I’m now in the “out with the old” motto. Meaning, I would probably start going “out” in my “old” outfits that I have not worn for a long time. No worries, with a little creativity and fun, I should be able to mix and match whatever I got stuck in the deeper part of the chest. Or maybe, (i will still hop and look-shop) — it never hurts to go drop by at the mall again and have a look-see, 😉 !

Happy Holidays Y’all!!!

03. Santa Baby

himig ng pasko





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The need to…

The “need” to be with friends and families is like a magnet. There are times when one just simply wants to disappear from the face of the world. For whatever reason, one needs to be disconnected to others and needs time off. But no matter how hard one tries to get away and hide from people or from a community, at some point or another, one still breaks down and eventually gets back in circulation. After some time, one needs to come back to the real world and face whatever it was that forced the person to run, hide or disappear.

This strong urge gets to me as well every now and then. It comes like a thief in the night (or day) depends on when I get hit by it. The urge to be disconnected and then again the need to be back with my family, relations and friends.

Very similar to my relationship with this blogsite, actually 😉 !

Normally, I am just a silent person. I just stay on the sidelines… watching, lurking, stalking. I am with friends, but I only watch and listen to what’s going on around/within the community. But sometimes, it comes to me like an “itch”. Then I open my mouth…. and whaammmmm!!!!I say the darndest, most s****d thing — then I fall silent again for a long time, hahahaha!

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