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Book romance


Whushh… the English and the Frenchies—bachelor, hunks, brilliant and rich.

Played by fools of the women around them.

Like a casanova celebrating, helping, spreading love.

Suffered with love; at war with themselves and against each other.

In fairness, ever loyal to their roots and master.

In the end, they surrender and promise to be faithful and true to only ONE woman.

To love and cherish and respect the same… forever in the eternity of pages.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to – WOMEN rules!

Go Laaadies!!!!

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oh when will you get here?


I miss the warm weather.

I miss wearing t-shirts, shorts, minis and swim-suits…

I miss gently and equally lathering my skin with sun lotion and the wat-nots!

I miss the beach, the sand, the little boat…

I miss ice cream and ice cold drinks to quench the thirst on a really burning day…

I miss weekends on the beach…

I miss walking along the sand in my flipflops or just bare feet.

I miss grill nights…

Oh… summer-bummer!

When are you ever gonna get here???


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