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A month filled with questions and uncertainty

How long has it been? … It does feel like forever.
Is it already the “Peak” or is it the “Peter’s Plateau”?

We’ll, it can be called following the “Peter’s Principle”…
…. but it may also be called following the “Dilbert’s Principle”…

I can only wait and wait and wait!!!

Or move on…. On to where???

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Book romance


Whushh… the English and the Frenchies—bachelor, hunks, brilliant and rich.

Played by fools of the women around them.

Like a casanova celebrating, helping, spreading love.

Suffered with love; at war with themselves and against each other.

In fairness, ever loyal to their roots and master.

In the end, they surrender and promise to be faithful and true to only ONE woman.

To love and cherish and respect the same… forever in the eternity of pages.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to – WOMEN rules!

Go Laaadies!!!!

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Reads after Fifty and Crossfire series…

I spent my day off with nothing on but my bathrobe and everywhere I went in the house, i had my tablet one one hand and a cup of coffee on the other.

No, i was not chatting or video viewing some late Filipino soap operas on you tube …although even that, i have not done for quite sometime either.

I was actually, catching up on my reading! While I started reading with the companion of a good mug or two of brewed coffee…I moved on to a good choice of Wine with my reads.

Nope, I ‘m not reading really deep, mind bogging books…. instead, because it is St. Valentine’s weekend…I buried myself in reading romance novels with really hot scenes…

Oh, not NR or DS or the good ol’ Harlequin or Mills! böa… I bet nobody remembers those anymore. I used to read those, I call them “Emilyo Bukog” series.

Well, it is  a different era now.

I started with ELJ – the 4th run of the series since I have read the first three like a dozen times already, **wink**.

Now I’m into SD’s Crossfire series… and well, right after I plan to start on the “Billionaire’s Obsessions” series. Yikessss…

Yeah, it is some kind of book marathon. I started last night since I came home from work at around 22 hundred hours… I knew I didn’t have any other appointment for today, which is strange it being a Monday and all…. so i indulged myself to being lazy Susy today.. THE WHOLE effing DAY!!!

And no, I don’t intend to write anything about what I read…

I won’t be caught explaining about BOB’s and BDSM here.

One thing for sure, after ELJ’s 50 and SD’s crossfire series, I need to find the time to look for the rest of the books featured in here.

I guess my MC would go crazy with my book expenditures again, which I expect will be happening soon… if not immediately after finishing this entry,

öch neeee!!!  😈  😆 🙄  😯


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Books and movies

I love books. In fact, when I start reading a book, it is very difficult for me to put it down before reaching the last page.
I guess, old habits die hard.

See, sometimes I think when I came out from the womb of my mother, I was already holding a book.. hehehe.

Instead of playing with dolls, I was reading a book.
Instead of going out with classmates and friends, I was reading a book.
(When I was with classmates, we were also just discussing about the recent books we read).
Instead of playing out on the streets with other neighbors’ kids, yeah.. i was reading a book.
I stayed up late nights and until the wee hours of the morning reading a book.

and … ahmmm it sounds like cliche…
but yes Fifty Shades of Grey!I read the trilogy too.


So, there you go.
I finally said it.
I read the trilogy, yes.
I liked the romance part yes.
I did not like the hardcore sex description as much.
In fact, most of the time I just flipped thru to the next page where I get butterflies in the stomach part. Cause, yeah, like most women out there.. I am A SUCKER for romance, rags to riches stories and happy endings.
I am also a sucker for stories where one goes through a very difficult time in life but come out successful and complete in the end.

Who isn’t?

I mean life is like that. Sometimes! In a way!
People, who goes through life without going thru any difficulties and trials?
The extent and depth of the trials may not be the same for each individual… but hey, it does happen.
And the moment one is going through a difficult situation, it always feels like it is the most difficult trial in their life. Of course, others may think that their problems or trials is either bigger or graver and then again, it could be that it is just trivial.

But… i digress!

Books, turned into movies… are most of the time NOT justified.

Except for some… I am speaking of course for myself, most are really not comparable.
Okay, I may not have read more than others, but those that I did read and saw the film version as well, which were really justified can be counted with my two hands.

Yeah, I know i bragged that I read a lot and it may not be to some..but still, i remain.

Books and movies…

Books interpreted into movies, well yeah, even more exciting.

Gone with the Wind
Interview with the Vampire
Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
Harry Potter
Pillars of the Earth
Dante’s Inferno

What the hell happened to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film?

Obviously, I finally saw the movie.
Two hours of seating at the edge of my seat, waiting for some kick… some heavy emotional, crazy, psychotic kind of romance coming up.
Sadly, nothing! Not even the BDSM scenes were good enough to really bring out an extreme emotion from the viewers. Well, at least it didn’t work for me. *wink*

MV5BMjE1MTM4NDAzOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTMwNjI0MzE@._V1_SX214_AL_ IMDB – Fifty Shades of Grey 2015
Excuse me, but in my humble opinion, the lead actor Mr. Jamie Dornan is not suited for the role as “Christian Grey”. I mean, the character of Christian Grey was not given justice by the actor. I was hoping for a real-life version of Christian Grey. Neither sex appeal nor the facial expression was visible.
The sporty Christian.
The boyish Christian.
The businessman Christian.
The overbearing, dominating Christian.
Most definitely NOT the sex-God Christian.

Oh, the romantic part that one feels while reading the book is also zilch!

Unfortunately, overall, the different “persona” of Christian was not portrayed effectively.

I can understand that it might be a very difficult role to play.. The character is very hard to fill in.. but hey,… acting? actor? your job? duhhh?

It’s a shame.

So, what’s all this bruhaha about the film??? Because honestly? It’s not worth it.

Just sayin’!

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Book Marathon

One of the advantages of not having any kids, I can lay down and read the whole day. So when i got my Fifty trilogy, I went on hiatus with blogging, FBooking and cleaning. Yap, we dont have kasambahay here not like in the Philippines, so I do all the household chores myself-except pressing the clothes which hubby does every now and then. But not when I get lost in a good book. Not even hubby could make me get out of the rut where I got myself glued!

Hot. Shocking. Steamy. Passionate. Funny.

Fifty ShadesTrilogy.

Just finished the three books.

A fast read… and honestly, I am still out of breath from the experience.

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LP Challenge: Babasahin

Simula nung ako ay bata pa lamang ay nakahiligan ko na ang mag basa. Oo, simula sa mga Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Sweet valley High, Emilio Buto (Mills and Boon) hanggang sa mga Daniel Bakal (Daniel Steel) at iba pang Romance novels. Hanggang ngayon ay kinagigiliwan ko pa rin mag basa. Tulad ng Happy Rotter (este, Harry Potter) na akda ni J.K. Rowling at ng mga akda nila Dan Brown, John Grisham, James Patterson. Kasama na rin si Mary Clark Higgins. Pinag daanan ko din namang basahin ang mga bigating sina Leo Tolstoi, Anna K., At mga akda ni Jane Austen. Namuti ang bawat hibla ng mga buhok ko jan… kasi kinakailangan kong basahin para sa eskwela ang mga yan.

Ngayon naman, namumutla naman ang wallet ko, kasi ang mamahal na ng mga babasahin Ingles dito sa Alemanya. Mabuti nalang at doon sa dati kong pinag ta trabahuhan ay nakaka deilihensiya ako ng mga librong itinatapon na dahil hindi nabebenta. Mga top seller din naman sana, kaya lang bihira lang ang namimili ng English books nila. Kaya kesa gumastos sila sa pag mail nila ng sangkatutak ng libro, ay tinatapon nalang nila ito. Yun nga lang hubad sa likod ang mga binabasa ko kasi ang back cover ay tinatastas nila para isauli sa publishing house. Okay lang din. Ang mahalag ay libro ito at higit sa lahat, nakukuha ko pang ipagpatuloy ang kinagisnan kong “hobby” ang pag babasa.

Nitong mga huling buwan, mas napapabilis ang pag tapos kong basahin ang isang libro dahil sa trabaho ko ngayon, may time ako mag basa. Pwedeng-pwede kami magbasa ng libro, huwag lang newspaper, magazine, or tablet. Bawal mag internet for personal use at bawal din mag telebabad. Kaya nag stock ako ng maraming libro. Tuwing may pagkakataon na makapag uwi ako ulit ng mga patapon na libro ay gina-grab ko. Madalas isang malaking shopping bag na puno ng libro ang nai uuwi ko. Oo, natatapos ko naman silang basahin. Pag tapos na ako ay pinamimigay ko na din sa mga interesado o kaya ay dinadala ko sa Brussels para naman sa mga kapatid ko. Sila din ay mahilig mag basa. Talagang nasa lahi na rin ata namin yun. O di kaya ay sa pagpapalaki sa amin ng aking mga auntie at Lola. Naalala ko pa, palitan kami ng librong binabasa. My Lola used to bring lots of books at home. Borrowed books lang from the library at sa book-swapping stores sa manila. Mabibili mo ang libro ng 2,50 pesos pataas, depende sa author at kung bago pa ito. Pagkatapos mong basahin pwede mo itong i swap for other books at same price or lower. Unahan kami ng pili kung ano ang gusto naming basahin at pagkatapos ay nagpapalitan naman kami. Kinagagalitan ang pinaka matagal matapos mag basa. Kasi, gusto pa namin itong i swap for other books nga. Maganda ang kinagisnan naming magkakapatid na hobby. At masaya ako na hanggang ngayon ay nagagawa ko pa ito. Thank goodness, libre na ang mga libro ko.

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Eat Pray Love – by Elizabeth Gilbert

I finally finished reading the book of Elizabeth Gilbert called: Eat Pray Love. It’s been out for a while but what triggered me to read it is that it has a movie version with Julia Roberts as the lead actress. I saw the trailer of the film and thought, ok, I have got to read the book first before I watch the film. Unfortunately, it took me longer to finish the book because I also just started working again. I had to do a training for one whole month so, I didn’t have so much time to read.

Anyway, now I am ready to watch the movie. Hopefully, it will be as hilarious as the book itself. Tonight is the night. I have a date with Liz’ interesting journey through Italy, India and Indonesia after a failed marriage and unsuccessful relationship with David. Let’s see how it will turn out. I am mostly excited if Julia could really portray the role as well as she did on the Erin Brockovitch story.

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