3 good things to look forward to…

IMG_1911It’s now half past eight. I’m in bed catching up on FB, updating my photo gallery and updating my blogsite. So many updates lined up. Whewwwww!

Well, two things: First, my photo here has nothing to do with my post ­čśë I just posted it so that my post has a featured image as well, hehehe. Kalerky ko lang!!!

Second, I should be up and about already. I still have to go to work later, but since yesterday I’ve been fighting the onset of colds and flu, so, I decided to just laze awhile in bed. At least for the next 30 minutes. ­čść

I’m excited! I’m excited for a lot of things… more blessings.

First, i’m excited for the old-new team I’ll be joining starting next month. Old – because, we’ve actually been working together for more than two years… new since, we didn’t belong to the same group before. Now we’ll be working together as one group. Hoping that it will also work out well for all of us. Either that, or we dissolve the team and each would go their own way.

Second, I’m excited for my upcoming trip to Malta next month. I’ve never been there, so I’m really excited. I’m ready to explore the Islands and its rich old culture.

And of course, I’m also excited for my trip to the Philippines this coming June.This trip home is really special, because, this will be the first time I will see my nephew Marty. The first time that my niece Duday, will see our relatives again…after 12 or thirteen years. And since it will be like a semi-reunion for my family, we are all just happy and excited about it. It’s just a shame neither my mom, nor one of my sisters cannot join us on this trip. That’s why it’s only a semi-reunion. But my dad ais quiet happy and excited too. According to my youngest bro, dad has been quiet busy for our arrival…

So, to our tatay, 2 more months to go tay. Before you know it, anjan na kami agad!

Wow… puro biyahe.. di kaya ako mabingi sa kaka sakay ng eroplano nito?

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