Add on to Corona “home to do” list

My abode needless to say is not as huge as in the picture.
I’m not complaining!
First off, I can’t imagine how to keep something as grand as the Stadtschloss
in Fulda. Second, I don’t have the talent to maintain a beautiful garden. Thirdly, can’t afford to have something as extravagant anyways! *lol*
In my dreams, perhaps… all in my dreams! *wink*, *wink*

As I have previously posted, ever since I have been locked at home because of the corona virus pandemic, I have been busy mostly in the kitchen. I have tried baking and cooking recipes that I have never done before. Of course, needless to say, hubby and I gained weight. So, now I have decided to expand my to do list. Well, I don’t plan to stop cooking and baking.

I’m thinking, on top of these two, I might also:
Paint the bedroom walls…
Beautify my tiny balcony…
Trim my indoor plants….

My balcony flower pots also does not look like this:

But perhaps, by the time this pandemic is over, I will be able to achieve half as much.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!


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