Reality bites me, not… I hope!

I started blogging way back 2004… from then free blog platforms up to a point where hubby said, I needed to have my own. Since then, depending on time I could only do blogging intermittently. Some months more often than the rest. Why, because I did not give in to becoming a professional blogger. I got offers, but I chose to make a living by slaving myself in the coorporate world instead. Okay, stop asking why… I have asked myself the very same question for a decade. 

So, well, anyway, in my previous log I did mention that a lot of the bloggers I used to follow before, have retired or stopped blogging. For some reason, their blogites are still reachable, but they are not active anymore. Their last blogs were like posted sometime in 2010 or latest is from 2012. So what happened?

Vlogging, Podcasting and yes FB happened.

Just like that, when the trend changed, they jumped on the bandwagon and left blogging at least indefinitely. But I stayed. Okay, I got left behind. Oh moot! Okay fine. I admit, this is how I want to accept reality as well. But then you see, corona came, stayed and looks like it will not budge for a while. So, it is good that I stayed. It’s better that I got left behind. At least, now, I have something else to keep myself busy with for a while or at least when I am not working. It definitely is a good distraction from online shopping. 

Sometimes things just happen. Sometimes we need to accept, adjust and keep on moving. But, for me, it looks like I am still sticking to my blogging. I keep it not for financial reasons anyway…it is just to keep my sanity. A very good diversion to retail theraphy. 

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