Just for kicks, maybe…

Okay, I’m just chilling and songs kept going through in my head… like a broken record..

“Some guys have all the luck!”. (Rod Stewart)

Luck comes to them like a breeze. Sometimes served on a silver platter. Other times, by chance. And in some cases, because of the help of media, law and assistance of the people who care for him. 

Unfortunately, even if luck is already on their side, they still prefer to turn around and do the opposite of what is expected of them. Perhaps thinking luck would still be with them, even then. Sometimes, I feel like, okay.. one goes choses to climb up a mountain… as luck is with him, despite all the hardships, he reaches the top… and then what? Feeling that “top of the world” feeling— he then decides to take a free willy risk. With outstretched arms, facing the edge od the mountain rand… and then… do a bungee jump only without the safety belt and rope attached to his body. 😕  (duhhh!!!)

But, why choose to go this way?

Is it because they don’t get it? Is it because they need it? Is it because they are just too st****d to understand it?

Let’s say, as intelligent as he is, he does know the consequences of his actions. So in this case, he just might need the kick out of being in media.. in public .. endangering himself because he gets a high out of it. Does it not bother him how his relatives feel? How his loved ones are suffering? His wife, parents, siblings? Imagine the worry that he brings to them. Or perhaps, they also don’t care anymore? Even then, I still don’t get it.

Then again, I’d say: “hey, If he survives the 30 days, he’ll be fine. Hopefully, social media and civil watch will keep him alive. Otherwise, him, as an adrenalin seeker, will be no more, no more, no more– ” …

Next on the track: from David Bowie’s version of My Way
…”i did what i had to do… and saw it through without exemption… I did it my way!”

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