I’m going to be a Ninang…

Again! I’m fine with that actually. I have no problems being a Ninang to kids. But this time, Ninang daw ako sa Kasal! Nyekk, does that mean matanda na talaga ako? Huwaaaaaaaaahhhh !!! 🙁 :worry: 🙁 :worry: 🙁

Had a message from my cousin a few weeks ago. Asking if I would be in the Philippines sometime around September. Said no, since I just got back from there January of this year. He wants me to be one of the Major sponsors to his wedding, he said. He asked me if I could come home for the event.

I had mixed emotions.

Malungkot – ibig sabihin matanda na talaga ako. Akala ko kasi Ninang sa anak ng cousin ko. Okay lang sana yun. Yun pala Ninang sa kasal niya, bhuhuhuhuh!

Natutuwa – ibig sabihin, i must have done something that makes my cousin think I am a good role model and someone he can turn to for advices. Ahemmmm!

Anyway, I said I would have to see what I can do about it. You see, I love to go back home to the Philippines as often as I can. But, due to the very high plane ticket prices, my pockets/wallet only allow me to go home every two years or so. Since I just got back mid January this year, this means my next scheduled homecoming should not be later than end of 2012.

I checked for tickets anyway. I searched and looked at the websites that i often visit and even those that I haven’t visited as well. The cheapest I could find is with Etihad Airlines for 480€ roundtrip inclusive of all taxes. Hmmm… a bit expensive, still. Maybe I should wait for last minute offers. I heard that it is also good to wait at the last minute to get good deals. Maybe I get lucky. The wedding is on September 4, 2010, this means I still have almost 4 weeks to look around. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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