Lucky 7th year

Today marks the 7th year of PTF Frankfurt Desk Operations.

Seven years ago today, PTF opened it’s own Tax Refund Counters in Frankfurt Airport with a group of 5 personnel. We started everything from scratch. We worked with two counters; each with a laptop and a printer. All five of us came with an earnest zeal and motivation to work.

None of us had to undergo any training. Brainstorming together and supporting each other was what we did. We each came to work with a bag-full of know-how gathered from the previous company where we gained Tax Refund experience. We adjusted each action as the situation arises. We planned and set up protocols as per hands on basis. And with it, we started the ball rolling!

Like any normal company, in time we had company mergers, management revamps and re-branding. Some members of the original team ventured into other pastures and we also acquired new colleagues that put in the same effort and dedication to our company. Through all this, we survived. Eventually, we grew together as a small team-a family! Moreover, we also got to know other colleagues from all over Germany

PTF, TFW and now Planet…
Whereas before, we only had two options of refunding, now also offer digital refunding. Instant WeChat and Instant Alipay refund options for our bulk customers from Asia is readily available. We also have prepaid MasterCard solution for customers who have outstanding refunds from our company. Furthermore, we now occupy five counters in Frankfurt International Airport. On top of our current City Center outlets, we will soon open the city center cash-point GKK (Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof) in Frankfurt am Main as well as in other strategic cities in Germany. Moreover, Planet merchant partners not only enjoy the luxury of our Tax refund services, but they can also make use of our Payment Systems services.

Suffice it to say, we are growing, we are evolving and after this corona pandemie,… we are ever ready to serve again!

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