Remembering first of May

Listening to Bee Gees’ song, I remember how it was in the Bendijo-Zamora residence in the southern parts of the country I was born in.

My mom’s sibling were scattered to different state and universities in the country. They each followed their own calling. It didn’t matter much what field they studied, they all excelled in their areas of speciality anyways. All ten of them had their scholastic paths already mapped out for them. If it was an uncle or an aunt coming home from their university  or current city of residence just because they were summoned by my Grandmother to come home, it always brought a good atmosphere, a great and exciting feeling.

They come home one after the other, usually they start showing up at the ancestral house after lunch time. Food gets prepared. Before dinner, all the grandchildren also had the chance enjoy the company of the adults either with one or two of them playing the guitar and everybody sings. Or they tell us stories. They also discussed among themselves political views and opinions. In a large family with each member having a very strong affiliation to their own political parties, the discussions always took too long. It would go on and on until Mamang would summon everybody to the table for Supper.

After dinner, the kids had to either do their homework or prepare for bed. On weekends though, everybody is allowed to stay up later than usual. At that time there were no televisions, internet or even telecommunications devices. No landline and definitely mobile gadgets were non existent. NULL!!! NADA!!! We did have the guitar, a ukulele or the handmade tambourine and maracas.  So, the night almost always ended into a musical event.

After the kids have gone to bed, the Zamora siblings would then report to Mamang about their studies, work or simply update each other about what has been going on in each individual’s life and of course, their plans. Reports about how the farm is thriving and of its financial status where also made known during these meetings.

I don’t know how this song brings back memories. It was most probably because one of the uncles sang this song often enough that it got stuck in me as well as the other classic and country songs that I heard in my growing years.

Video credits:Emile Crama on youtube

Most often than not, the song puts me in a melancholic state, specially right now. It is indeed middle of summer. The month of May has long gone by. The month of September is just around the corner. Soon, the Christmas season will be here… and yet, nobody knows what the last quarter of the year will bring.

This pandemic is far from over.

Stay safe everyone!

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