Sorrows of a Wee

Another day, another week, another month till finally…Another year!
Hoping all will be better, safer and virus clear.
Alas! Covid has mutated,
And leider, so is her dear.
Her life has crumbled, her heart is aching.
A child is at the clinic for grieving,
To what I call a lame attempt at dissipating.

What start is this? I ask myself
Never did I imagine it would all end up like this.
The mother is a wreck, the daughter – well, needs to be checked!
Now, a camera in the room is the only solution.
Like Big Brother, watching her every motion.

Who is to be blame for this tragedy?
Surely not the child herself – that’s definitely a nee!!!!
The parents as one could also be to blame.
But who knows really? It’s all just a shame.
The mom blames the father,
And the father just shrugs his shoulders.
Whatever it is, the child must never be left.

She feels neglected.
She feels suffocated.
Perhaps sometimes, even intoxicated!
From all the toxicities in and out of her abode.
The only solution for her is to float.
Fly away and never come back.
Come back to this hellhole, what she though was not.

Growing up in the belief that she was a princess.
Shedding all her guards down, now she’s feeling like s**t!
A loss of time and effort and nothing to gain.
Now, she is living in pain.
Is this a tragedy?
Or can this be destiny?
The child wallows in sorrow, what should have been glee!

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