Seasons upon Love

In the wee small hours of dawn,
The sky opened up to a yawn,
The silent blow of the wind whistles
As the sun crept slowly in the meadows.

Butterflies like to flutter
Winglets with so much color,
The flips of the wing’s dances,
From flower to flower it hovers.

Water flows down along the river bed,
My hatred washed away with it,
My feelings slowly dissipate…,
Into the depths of the ocean where it ends!

I think I may love again
I’m ready to be hurt again,
Only this pain I can endure,
When summer turns autumn and winter ends too soon.

The snow in my heart melts into spring…
Like joy to a child that makes her grin
Lessons in life carried on till the end,
Like a love that endures time and time again.

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