Sporadic attack of homesickness

During the quarantine days, I cleaned the apartment from every nook and cranny, wall to wall and every window.
My glass windows are like bigger than the standard size. So cleaning them alone takes me already one whole day. The south part of my living room wall is mostly made out of glass panes. That alone is a challenge for me. In the earlier times, I could clean the whole place in one day. Of course, that was 23 years ago…hahaha!

Anyways, when I am done with the cleaning and baking/cooking, a bit of online scrounging, e-learning and online streaming; sometimes, I still, at the end of the day feel homesick. It sometimes brings me down into a teeny bit of depression mode. When these tiny, molecular sizes of homesickness and depression comes down to me, hubby always notices it immediately. His never ending home remedy: “I should eat rice and bulad (dried fish)!” Rices makes me happy. Bulad even so. That is why, I always have reserves of bulad from the Philippines in my basement freezer. There are just some Filipino food that one cannot buy here in Germany. Or if it is indeed available, the price is like 400% more expensive. And it still does not taste as good. It must be geographical and environmental, climate induced and of course companion related.

In short, eating bulad and rice alone, does not make it as enjoyable as when one eats it in a warm place, with family and/or close friends. It also, most definitely does not taste the same if it’s not eaten with bare hands!

Recently, I got two packs of bulad and 4 pcs of red salted egg from a friend. I promised myself that I would enjoy it one day with fresh cooked plain rice. 

Until now though, i have not touched it. I couldn’t bear to eat it alone. I want to be able to enjoy eating it with friends but because of the coronavirus, everybody is ordered to stay at their own place. No visitation allowed. No short or long travels. No unnecessary excursions, etc. 

So, until when will this pandemic last?

How long must we still suffer, being away from our family, our loved ones just because we are hindered by this dilemma. 

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