While I was sleeping

In my times of slumber,
Just when the world was busy to conquer
Corona virus brought so much pain and danger
Millions died and disappeared.

Weeks and months came by-a wonder!
Some countries complied and surrendered
Sacrifices had to be made
So as to prevent Corona to spread.

Drastic measures had to be implemented
Some readily complained while others submitted
Reasons are for no one … not alone for the wicked!
Else everyone will die and wither!

Then I woke up from my slumber,
With a new normal to ponder
People can only wander
With masks and gloves as gear
Human contact is not good
Sanitizer prices went up like gold
And mouth masks are nowhere to be found!

Months and Years would still go by,
Hoping the culprit would subside
Perhaps we will soon descry
The absolute cure to this invisible Feind!


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